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My First Crush

My First Crush

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It was love at first sight.

 There was no one similar in my circle. There were so many qualities in my crush. The more information I gather, the more I was falling in love. I got to know that touching here and there gives all the fun and I was dying to get in touch with my crush. Searching on the Internet was my everyday affair, there was something, I was getting attached. 


Then one day I met my crush in a shop, I was zapped to see in front of me. It was sad that I could see but can’t hold. I thought to gather more information from shopkeeper but it was saddening to see getting far due to differences in our financial situation.

 Just to get a hold of, I visited that shop and many other shops but it was in no vein. Searching on the internet was on.

 My mind was aware of our financial differences but the heart doesn’t pay attention to such thoughts. The heart always loves those things which are prohibited.


It was 26th June, my birthday, and God was showing his blessing on me. Finally, the search got over on one website. This time heart took over my mind and I shared my address and invited at my home, hoping to meet soon.

 Finally, the D-Day was there, my crush confronting me. I did nothing but to show to my mom. Mom gave a close look and said, “You have a good choice. Now enjoy together.”


I felt shy, ran to my room and hugged my crush. It was like that my life is now complete, after all

 I have got my first smartphone HTC P3400i

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