Shobhit शोभित

Romance Drama Comedy


Shobhit शोभित

Romance Drama Comedy



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The road to being a Romeo is never easy; sometimes it is pain of rejection by the girl, sometimes it is a punishment from families, limited pocket money, either this or that.

It’s like police have buckled up to harass already in so much tension poor guys aka Romeos. Wearing a helmet is compulsory now. Isn’t it awkward to carry a helmet rather than a girlfriend on a date?

Wearing Helmet disturbs our hairstyles and makeup too gets ruined; means ruined the impression. Not wearing a Helmet means regular interactions with policemen and usually, it ends with a dent in the pocket.

Impressing any girl is not that easy. These days even if we encounter any beauty, a helmet is on our head and till the time we take it off, to show our face to girls, they are nowhere in the scene. Another big problem is to how to whistle, how to wink, how to eve tease with a helmet on the head. Helmet is a complete spoilsport.

Even if we are able to woe a girl, roaming around is impossible. After all, a helmet is compulsory for fellow passenger also. Can anyone tell me if they have seen any girl roaming around with helmet? Helmets are coming in too few colors and patterns to be part of any girl’s wardrobe. Neither any heroin has been featured with helmet in any famous movie to make it a fashion trend.

Due to all of this, car owners have an upper hand to bikers. How difficult it is for a middle-class family to survive in this mean world.

Romancing on a bike is getting almost out of fashion now. How romantic it used to be when your girl smooches you on a bike and that warm kiss on the neck and those magical words in ears. Wall of the helmet has drawn a boundary in fellow passengers also.

We, on behalf of All India Road Romeo Loafers Union, raise our voices to demand cancellation of this rule.

Oh God! Either you give policemen positive vibes about us and they cancel this rule or give enough skills to scientists so that they can create a helmet which can identify police from far and present itself automatically on our head.

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