Shobhit शोभित

Abstract Drama


Shobhit शोभित

Abstract Drama

A Different Love Story

A Different Love Story

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Love can happen anytime anywhere to anyone. Mostly it is being considered in relation to girls and boys but does it not happen that someone loves his mother, father, sister or brother!

 Here I want to share a chapter from my life, I realized in that situation that love is not by force but just happens.

 I had a big fear of dogs since childhood. The main reason was my family members used dogs to scare me so that I pay attention to family values. Another reason for fear was due to one of my cousin who was bitten by a street dog and he got 14 injections.


When I grew up and started working, my employer decided to send my on-site to South Africa. It was a maiden foreign trip, so the internet was explored a lot. One thing was very common in all research that South Africa is not that safe.

But it was decided that I will go and I went.

Upon reaching the country, I get to know that there are a lot of securities measures are being taken care of in every house. One such measure which is common in India is to use the dog as a pet animal.


The house, I was staying in Johannesburg, also had a giant size scary dog. I was first welcomed in that house by him only and my first reaction was to book return flight.

Whenever I used to enter the house or go away, he used to follow me from my room to the gate. As I used to scare from him, there used to be one of my colleagues with me always so I used to feel safe. As time goes on, my fear was getting lesser.


Once my landlord told me that “Our ‘Dennis’ (yes, that dog is actually Dennis) want to play with you. He was alone from last 3 months because his fellow ‘Angel’ passed away. Now we are happy to see him happy.” But my fear was still there to not allow me to play with him.

 Weather of South Africa is very unpredictable.

 Once I washed my clothes, put them in open to dry and went to the office. After about 1 hour, it started raining. South African rain comes along with the very strong wind blowing. I was scared about my clothes as otherwise, I have to buy new ones soon to put a hole in my pocket. I was very much worried about one shirt of mine, as it was gifted by my dad. He is no more with me so it was his last memoir for me. The way wind was blowing, my shirt could have travelled to America! In such condition, going back to home was not a good idea.


In the evening, when it was pleasant weather, I went home. Dennis was there as expected. I went straight to collect my clothes but there were no clothes. I thought maybe some of my neighbours have collected it but when I enquired there was no one aware of my clothes.

 I could do nothing but was coming back to my room thinking about that shirt. But surprise!

I could see my clothes lying on the floor near my room’s door.


I was about to look for that shirt in that heap but I saw Dennis coming with that shirt in his mouth.

 Oh my God! He saved my clothes.

Frankly speaking, I did not expect from anyone including any of neighbour or maid. I could not find my clothes so I went to them but I was not thinking that they will do it. And this Dennis did it from me, who was like Dracula from me.


All my hatred, fear everything was coming out from my eyes in the form of tears and what I was having for him was pure love!

 I felt much for the first time and I was not feeling any kind of fear to go near him. I was actually hugging him.

 It was the beginning of a new relationship. I got a younger brother.

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