Shobhit शोभित

Children Stories Drama


Shobhit शोभित

Children Stories Drama

God Is Everywhere

God Is Everywhere

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There are all kinds of people make this world.

 It is my routine to visit the temple every day. I feel it give me positive energy to run my day beautifully.


Just today morning I saw my neighbor, Mrs. Sulochna Agnihotri, going towards the temple with a box of sweets with her son. I thought it must be her son’s birthday as normally middle-class people carry a full kilo box of sweets on such special occasions.


I worshiped in temple but did not saw her devoting. I did not bother me but just as neighbor I was thinking about the safety of her. I was actually thinking of confirming the occasion with her and wishing her. While going out of the temple, I saw her just entering with her kid but did not see any box or anything with her. I was now surprised. I could not hold on enquiring about it to her.


“Hey, is there something special today?”

 “Oh yes, it’s his birthday,” she was pointing towards her son, “but how do you come to know about it?”


“I notice a sweet box with you so thought so…” I continued, “That I will get a share from it.”

 “Is it? That box was for God and I gave to him to eat. You are invited to my home for the party in the evening.”


“But you are just entering, when did you offer it to him?” I was at the peak of surprise.

 “God is everywhere. Every human being has a share of him so I saw few kids of beggars at the entrance and I felt that God is in front of me and I gave it to them.”


I am speechless since hearing that statement. Mrs. Agnihotri was so true and it strikes me somewhere.

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