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Crazy Reporter

Crazy Reporter

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People feel that I am crazy as they feel that I am not like them but what to do I see things differently. I see the positive side of things or how it can be done positively. You must be thinking why I am discussing this thing today with you, so I want to tell you that because of my different way to doing things, my news channel has got a lot of praise and TRP.


I still can’t forget the day when I got the news that about 100 kids are being admitted to hospitals in Muzaffarshahar and few have already died and rest have very faint chances of surviving. This new was there already in discussion but I was busy with election coverage so I missed it somehow. This news actually shocked me as I was having the idea that Government there is very efficient and things have improved considerably. It was fully contrary to my idea so I was sort of zapped.


My boss told me to take the early morning flight and take over the charge from reporter appointed over there and give him some attention seeking news. Well, that was obvious from him.


I went over past few days’ reports to understand the situation fully. It was evident that hospitals are not able to take the load of so many patients all of a sudden. I also reached the conclusion that there are lack of medicines but hospitals are not accepting outside medicine as it can be fake medicine or expired medicine and they obviously can’t check every medicine manually. There is lack of ORS packets, juices, fruits etc. After getting all the whereabouts of the situation, I went home for packing.


Next Day early morning at 5, I was there in Muzaffarshahar to cover the hospitals. I informed the head of reporters about my arrival and about him being released. Before that I wanted to have a small chat with him to understand the real situation there. I got fresh before his arrival and while having breakfast, he informed me about the situation which is more or less similar to the image I have.


Before relieving him, I decided to take a round with him. The scenes at hospitals were very scary. There was chaos everywhere. There were more reporters than doctors over there and that was adding more to the confusion. You know how it is! To have breaking news, reporters were controlling every action. I saw one reporter even stopped one doctor from treating and start questioning, I was about to jump in when I saw the kid suffering from pain and crying. I think my colleague understood my intention and he took me away forcefully from there.


I was very unhappy with our politicians also whether it is ruling party or opposition party. Both were doing their politics from their air-conditioned offices and none was there. I have covered elections recently and noticed low confidence in opposition but this was the chance where the public was demanding attention. The opposition party should have helped the needy patient and should have forced government for early actions. If politicians are in politics for their own benefits only, this was the situation to give them a much need boost and make a good public image but everyone wasted it and made situation worse.


I finally took the whole charge of situation and start speaking to patients’ parents and keep recording what they have to say. I was getting the feeling that lack of good food and supplement is the main cause. Unlike my fellow reporters, I was sharing my water bottle or biscuits with public, but that were not enough for the situation.


I came back to my room frustrated, there were 5 more deaths happened today. There were many trolls happening on social media over the situation and that was enough to put me in apathy. Somehow I compiled a video of interviews and send it to my office for prime time viewing.


My other package from Delhi had come and I was sure that my reporting will improve from tomorrow.


Next day morning, I again went to hospitals but this time it was different. I was carrying a bag of ORS Packets, fruits etc and was distributing them in patients and family. I was not conducting any interview right now. My co-reporters were laughing at me, they were taunting that I am planning for an early retirement. While I was distributing stuff, I saw the local Sikhs also coming with food packets; it seems that my last evening conversation did not go waste.


Seeing them in action, I was sure that now I can start my duty. I had decided that I will not disturb any of doctors today in their work. I will follow my own counsel. I told my cameraman to start recording and I started speaking,


“See here I am standing at HMR Hospital which is the one of the biggest hospital of the country and there are unable to handle the load. All the parents are angry at government as there is lack of medicines, ORS etc and we, who are making plans to invade other planets in Galaxy, are not able to provide medicines here. Government is probably sleeping as these are not voter’s age patients. Opposition is on holiday as next election is 5 years far.”


I took a 5-second silence and pointed to Sikhs distributing food, “Why these people are doing this help! They think for mankind but what our system is doing”


Whole day I did this kind of reporting where I give ORS to public and ask officials where are they. My reporting created a lot of impact, rather than being effect, be were effecting the situation. Good news was that there was no death since morning. Health Ministers have visited the hospital and promised for better treatment. Even chief minister visit was planned next day and I saw a truck of medicines coming in evening. My co-reporters were looking at me like I have Horne on my head.


There was no death today and health of the kids improved.


I got the appraisal from my boss over the call and I was informed that people have watched only our channel today and it rocked the TRP. As a result, I have been promoted.


Now see, I did it for my job as everyone else did. But I did it differently and it helped everyone in general. I sincerely feel that reports should learn how to report, what to report. I agree their job is to report but if they try to create positive environment around them, it is not against their job.


I hope the situation will change.

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