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It was rare that a young and curvy lady like Seema gets little attention. So was this case. Seema hurriedly entered the taxi stand outside the Bombay central railway station. Almost all the eyes both male and female were swinging with her every move. Her 36-24-38 figure was not only the reason. But her clear skin, attractive nose and most of all enchanting blue eyes were all enough to get all the eyes stuck to her. In the rush hours of evening, a couple of eve teasers tried to grope her but she astonishingly held their hands strongly and the youngsters flew away in the crowd. 

Seema was a strong girl from her childhood and she lived like a vagabond all the time. She crushed every obstacle stood in the way of her will, liking and ambition. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and skin-tight jeans. The lettering, 'Let it happen' on her tees denoted her go-getter nature. The pink shoes matching her tees, pink earrings and pink ribbon on hair had made her more attractive. The pink lipstick and pinkish nail paint had made her appearance more tempting. She was walking up the little staircase in her own mood with a little smile on her lips causing a shallow dimple amidst her right cheek just wandering around and suddenly something happened….

She slowed up just like everything is about to stop. She was walking in slow motion like in Bollywood films and her eyes staring at something. She pulled down the scarf from her neck with her right hand and her eyes still staring in the same direction wide open. People surrounding her were looking at her constantly and she stopped at a point. Everything seemed to be stopped for a few moments and here came he...

Yes, it was he...her first love, Raj...

He stopped right in front of her. The site was like a man lost on a lonely island has seen a boat coming or two lovebirds meeting after a long time or if the baby is first time ever willing to touch his mother's cheeks.... 

They stood mesmerized in the same situation like statues for a couple of seconds and then coming closer hugged each other tightly. Seema's delicate palms and fingers were moving on his back and neck. Her chin was resting on his right shoulder. Droplets of sorrow and happiness were oozing out of Seema's blue eyes just like quiet showers from the blue sky...The sky was full of life and every oozing drop was exploring moments they spent together...

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