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He smiled at her...

And she smiled at him too...

This has become a regular scene now.

It was just outside the first platform of Dahanu Station. She sat with flowers, malas and other items in her basket on the floor. He, after parking his bike used to pass by the same passage and they smile at each other.

Days passed by...

One day they chatted for a while, asked each other's name. Short smiles changed into waving of hands...

Some other day while chatting she asked him... You didn't ever buy a flower for your wife?

I am still to marry... He answered...

Some other day he didn't see her at her place. He got disturbed. He decided to inquire about her to her neighboring vendors. Then he decided to just wait for some time.

After 10-15 minutes, he saw her coming with her flower-laden basket mounted on her head. They smiled at each other.

He asked her the reason for the late signs...She answered the bus was late...

Both were physically at a distance from each other but very close by heart.

Both waved hands in a goodbye gesture. He got to his train. The train was over flooded with passengers. Many known and many more unknown faces...surrounding him.

A thought clicked to his mind. Here more than 1000 people around you and you don't have any relation with them. But you have something for that flower vendor girl...

What it is? Is it love? Or lust? Or just a bond between two good humans?

Suddenly he laughed himself in a releasing gesture and said to self,

Whatever it may be... It is a positive relationship that has pure, a virgin fragrance like a flower.

And one surely doesn't need to give it any name... Let it be open-ended like the fragrance of relationship.

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