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New Voyage

New Voyage

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It was a sunny morning as usual. Amar, a 16-year boy was helping his father Pravin with the fishing net. From his childhood, Amar has been introduced to this traditional profession of Fishing. His first trip on a boat in deep sea happened very early at the age of eight. His father Pravin was a dedicated fisherman living happily with his family. His wife Rama, younger son Raju aged four, were all the world for him. After half an hour Amar was on the boat with his father and few of his father's colleagues. They come across another boat which was heading far ahead for fishing lobsters. Pravin always wanted his child to learn the skill of fishing lobsters. Fortunately, the other boatman Rama was his friend since his school days, who forced Pravin to send Amar with him. As Amar nodded Pravin also agreed and send him with the other boatman. Pravin was a strong man toned body. Having average height and dark in color his face was having few wrinkles denoting his deep experience of the sea. He always called the sea as his farmland, fishing as farming and fish as the crop. Exchanging good wishes and words of concern both the boats parted. 

It was 8 in the night and still, the other boat was not heard about. Pravin getting restless and angry at the same time has finished two packs of cigarettes in the last one hour. He was murmuring in little noise sitting at the backyard of his home facing the sea. He was getting more and more restless. His eyes were full of sorrow and water that just needed a little blow to blast. His wife doing her housework came to see whether her husband got any news of the lost boat. Pravin said, ''Don't be afraid, he will be back soon. My friend Rama is with him." As his wife turned back to get into the home he cried silently and wiped his eyes. 

Suddenly he saw a colored ray raising from the seawater and getting into the sky. His spine chilled. It was a signal of danger. He stood up in a hurry. After a few minutes he saw three small points of light emerging up from the sea level. They were coming closer towards the shore. Pravin called his wife and colleagues calling their names loudly and ran towards the shore as fast as he can. Hundreds of people were gathered at the shore to see what was happening. 

After a few minutes they all realized that the three points were three heavy lights mounted on three different boats. Two of them of Indian Navy and they were escorting the boat of Rama towards the shore. As the boats landed on the shore Pravin saw the boat of his friend, severely damaged. His body started shivering with fear. The strong man has assumed the worst he can. 

The Navy officers alighted carrying a boy. Pravin cried loudly, ''Amar, what happened to my boy...tell me please.'' One of the navy officers patted on his back and said,'' Don't worry, he is just unconscious. He needs immediate medical help.'' The navy officers rushed the boy to a hospital. Local police and other officers were engaged in completing documentation formalities of the accident. No one could be seen except Amar from the draining boat of Rama. 

Six months later, Amar again started helping his father in fishing. Today Amar asked his father, ''Dad I get upset and fear at times when I remember the boat tragedy. I really feel that I am getting closer to death.'' 

Pravin looking straight into his eyes answered,'' Young boy, everybody has to die someday. But the sea is our farmland and fish is the crop. We need to keep on farming until the last breath. Finally, the sea is our great father. He will look after our survival, both in body and soul. So we have to just do our duty and pray for the best.'' 

Glittering life in the eyes of Pravin mesmerized Amar. Suddenly he felt the greatness of his own father and his great father, the sea. He started walking towards the boat to start a new voyage, full of life...

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