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It was summer noon, I was almost running to catch the train and suddenly I stumbled upon something and was about to fall on the ground. Thanks to the electric pole standing beside me. I suddenly catch it in reflex action and made myself safe. A couple of guys from surrounding rushed to me. One offered me to sit in his small open shop, another brought me a glass of water. They asked me if I was wounded, and also told me that they will take me to the nearby clinic if I want.

After a while, I said thanks to all the guys and started ahead. I was worrying if I could catch the time of my interview. Yes, it was my interview in one of the renowned company and I was getting late. I reached the company's office late but still my number was to come, and I finally got selected also.

While walking back from the office to the railway station, I realized that the shoe in my right leg was torn and I started feeling the heat from tar road. I don't know but I suddenly got the image of the balloon vendor to my mind. Yes, the one I was used to seeing in my village near Palghar...

He used to roam around even in summer times with naked legs and head. I realized today how the heat touching your foot engulfs your body and mind in summer, I decided to walk in the same situation till I could bear and believe me, I reached my home back in the same condition...

getting the heat chunks to my foot, body, and mind.

It made my inner soul calm, quiet and rough enough to cope up with those times and even today's problems.

I say thanks to all the strangers, those who helped me at the railway station and this balloon vendor guy who guided me through the summery, sweaty road of life.

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