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It was a rainy day. Saru was hungry for last three days. His father Rama after too much efforts had arranged two small cups of milk and bajra flour for two rotis. Rama had a big family of six people. Rama, his wife Seeta and, their four children. Saru was 5 yrs. old, youngest of them. Rama gave Saru one cup of milk and half of the roti. Remaining one cup of milk and one a half roti was fed to the other three children. Rama and Seeta brought some leaves, boiled them in water and drink the soup and ate leaves.

Next morning Saru again started asking for something to eat. Rama convinced him to wait for today and tomorrow there will be feast. He also gave Saru some tamarind.

Very next morning Saru woke up early and asked Rama for the feast. Rama got ready to move around the village and also got Saru ready. Rama with his wife seeta, Saru and other three children started roaming in the village. It was the Amavasi, Black moon day. The whole family used to go to someone's door, Rama with folded hands begged to the house owner. Some people gave him little money like coin of 1 or 2 rupees, some offered rotten food, some offered rotten sweets and some offered various grains.

For the landlords it was donation, for Rama it was begging...

But for Saru it was Feast... Grand Feast...

Just like one gets in Festival time

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