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Last Bencher

Last Bencher

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He was always a last bencher. He was not so clever in terms of marks in exams but he was very fond of cartoons. Many of his friends used to call him with some comic characters name, like Donald, Tom, Jerry, etc. He never got angry with it. All was going well and one day things got worst.

He failed. He was failed in more than 3 subjects so as per the rule he has to be declared as failed and he kept at home the whole year. He was just weeping inside and cursing his own fate. This lasted for about 2 months. After that one of his friend's father suggested him to pass the time drawing cartoons. He also suggested one famous cartoonist from the city under whose guidance, he can go ahead with his hobby.

The next day he got to the cartoonist and his training started. His awareness regarding cartoon, character, subject, object and overall presentation started to grow. He spent maximum time with this cartoonist as he was kind of addicted to it. In a few months he was very skilled in cartooning. As per his master's guidance, he joined one of the leading newspaper as a trainee cartoonist. By the end of his academic year, he had got very familiar with the cartoon, the systems in the newspaper office, their needs, views, etc.

One day he told the editor that my college will be starting next month, so please relieve me. The editor told him that they were thinking of starting a stipend to him. Finally it was decided that he will join college and in the second half of the day will join the newspaper. A lucrative stipend was also offered to him. He got graduated with good marks.

Today he works as the chief cartoonist in the same newspaper. His cartoons were watches and read by thousands of readers, which include people from all arena including politicians. He is a prominent figure in the city.

He looks back and says with a sigh... This success is nothing but a result of one grand failure...

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