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Real Journey

Real Journey

3 mins 296 3 mins 296

He was not much fond of travel and that also on a bike was in no way his cup of tea. But the editor needed some good photographs of nature in this rainy season hence he sent this chap on the search.

He, the name didn't matter was a photographer by passion and had recently joined the city's eminent newspaper as a photographer. In the office, he became popular in a few weeks. People around him thought he was a cool, energetic and creative guy. As a young and handsome guy, many girls tried to roam around him many times.

Finally, keeping in faith in the words by English men, Boss is always right, he left out for his destination near the city around 25 kms in the forest area.

At 15 kms his bike's Tyre was punctured. For around 10 minutes he was alone with trees n bird's noise. He was so angry with himself that he took a few stones and pelted them in the forest. After pelting 4-5 stones, some tribal youth emerged out of the jungle. All were wearing old fashioned shirts and trousers. One of them came closer, looking at him and the tyre he told in broken Hindi, there is a shop ahead... come we will take you there. Really there was a tyre shop just 400 meters ahead.

After riding the bike again he came across a railway line. He saw some work was going on. He waited to know more. A group of tribal people, working as laborers, were moving a long, heavy iron pillar for installation. It was more than 800 Kg. These tribals singing a song, in a group in a synchronized manner were moving the pillar inch by inch. He took couple of photographs and move ahead.

He saw a hut nearby a dusty road. He was thirsty so he went there. He saw a neat and clean house. The walls were painted with traditional pictures. The foreyard was decorated with Rangoli created with colorful flowers and leaves.

In the evening he returned home. After getting a quick shower he started browsing the pictures from his camera. One mugful of his favorite coffee was accompanying him

He was looking at the picture one by one. He was getting realized that what people think about him was nothing but just an illusion. He was neither cool as he loosed his temper by just a simple thing like getting his bike's tyre punctured. He realized, he was nor energetic because the tribal laborers working at the railway site were having far more energy in all manners than him. and the simplest creation in the small hut was the best he had ever seen.

Finally he said to himself, every creature was a marvelous creation of nature and when you get connected with mother nature, you realize your dwarf and empty existence. Thanks to this editor, this newspaper house and this travel opportunity which realized me of myself in a different views and triggered the real journey inside...

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