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Kumar Vikrant

Abstract Crime Drama


Kumar Vikrant

Abstract Crime Drama



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Her Paradise

Amélie, a thirteen-year-old fine kid has won first place in her school's sports meet. She bagged three gold medals in the 100 meter race, 500 meter hurdle race and high jump. She was overwhelmed when she heard that her Godfather Jack was coming to attend the meet as the parents of most of the girls were.

St Andrew International Girls Public School was one of the prominent residential girls' schools in North India Its Dehradun branch is one of the best. There were uncertainties in Jack's life, so he decided to send Amélie away from him to study peacefully.

Jack looked at her shining face, which was glowing like the trophy which she had won. The trophy was in Jack's lap and Amélie was chirping like a bird and having fun with her friends. When Jack found Amélie two years ago, it was the most difficult time of her life. Both of them had to cross the river of blood to live this peaceful life.

Annual Ritual

13th December was the day when Jai Kishan alias Jack lost whatever important, he had in his life. Last year he was at Will City railway station, waiting for his wife Veena and eleven-year-old daughter Medha to come back from her maternal grandparents' home. His in-laws live in Jaigarh, a big town 300 km south of Will City, and Kali Express train was the only means of transport that connected both the big cities. The arrival time of the train had always been, 07:15 PM, but the train didn't arrive on that fateful day. First, it was late for two hours and later it was cancelled as the rail was damaged near Manda, a rural railway station very close to Colonel Pass an area infected by robbers and bandits.

Railway people declared that the train passengers were dropped at the Manda railway station, Jack rushed to Manda in his newly purchased jeep. He couldn't reach there because Colonel Pass was closed for all the vehicles, cause a bus full of passengers was kidnapped by the bandits. Jack was trembling in anticipation that his wife and daughter shouldn't be on that bus. But there was no way to know about it. Police did all to find the unfortunate vehicle, but all they found, dead passengers. Women were raped before killing them.

Veena and Medha were never found, not even their bodies. Jack did all to search them, but he was harassed by local police. He finally started roaming through Kali Valley on a horseback, his search resulted in several encounters with the bandits and luckily he killed whoever tried to stop or loot him. Bandits and outlaws tried hard to kill him even hired killer were sent to kill him but he killed them instead.

Finally, police took the matter in its hands to end the menace of Jack, but at that exact time a school bus was kidnapped by bandits near Colonel Pass, Jack was around and a historical fight begun, Jack killed all the bandits and took the children back to Will City.

He became a local hero, he was recommended for Prime Minister Gallantry award. He had nothing to do with the award, he did what he had to. He didn't go to receive the award, the local MP received the award on his behalf. After that, local MP projected him as the protector of Colonel Pass and warned the police not to touch him otherwise he'll protest in front of the parliament.

The police left him alone with his madness. And in the following months Jack wiped off all the outlaws and bandits from the valley, but could never find his wife and daughter, not even their remains.

Today it's December 13th and Jack is on Will City railway platform and waiting for Kali Express to come, he knew Veena and Medha shall never come out of the train, but to dig his wound he'd come here and won't go until the train goes to its next destination.

Satan's Messenger

Jack was sitting on a cement branch and some children in rags were playing and drinking water from a dirty tap. There was a ten or eleven years old girl who was also with them, but was standing silent.

A stalwart man appeared from the ally and without any hesitation went straight to that girl and said, " Chal tujhe bade sahab ne bulaya hai." (Come with me, the boss want to see you)

The girl hesitated, but the man held her by his powerful hand and started dragging her towards the exit. She whimpered and said, "Laisse-moi tranquille."

Jack was surprised as the girl was speaking French.

Suddenly two commuters intervened and one of them asked, "Where are you taking this girl?"

The man didn't budge a little and said, "I'm a cop and she is a pickpocket, I'm arresting her."

"Did someone lodge a complaint against her?"

The policeman looked at him menacingly. By that time at least two dozen commuters have gathered and one of them said, "Chal hum bhi tere sahab ke paas chalte hai." (Let's go to your boss.)

The policeman looses his grip and the girl ran away. He looked in her direction and walked away in the opposite direction. The commuters passed a dirty remark on him and laughed loudly.

Jack saw this drama from his seat and looked at the running girl with a grave concern. He stopped a coolie and asked, "Who is that girl?"

"Sahab, a firangi couple came here yesterday, the girl was with them and they left her here stealthily. She went on weeping all day yesterday, she speaks a strange language. Hope they shall come and take her with them."

Jack was sad at her plight, she was perhaps adopted by a French couple and now they have abandoned her.

On Duty Scoundrels

Kali express came and left the station. Veena and Medha didn't come. Jack knew they shall never come. When he left the station premises it was dark outside and a layer of thick fog has covered the whole area. He took his jeep from parking and drove towards the main road, he heard a muffled scream. His eyes darted here and there and tried to penetrate the thick fog. Suddenly a police jeep stopped on the road and three policemen came out of the station dragging a girl. The girl was weeping and the policemen were abusing her. One of them took her in his arms and got into the jeep, the rest of the policemen followed him and the jeep sped away in the dark.

Jack recognized the girl, she was the one whom the commuters saved this evening. His face became black with rage he decided to rescue that girl. He started chasing them. Meanwhile, he opened his hidden arms chest and took out his favorite Colt Magnum, Mouser and hunter knife. He took some extra rounds of cartridges and now looking for a place to overtake the police jeep to rescue the girl.

Both vehicles crossed the river Kali bridge. There was no place to overtake, he'll have to wait at least for one kilometer where the road is a bit wide. But all of a sudden the police jeep turned towards the west and now it was heading in the direction of Transport Nagar, which was under construction and there were several deserted buildings. The roads were only 30 feet wide so he couldn't overtake the police jeep. Finally the police jeep stop in front of a deserted building and the policemen took the girl inside, Jack could hear the pitiful cries of the girl. Jack felt a strange rage arising inside him, he had never been in conflict with the police but it seems it was unavoidable tonight.

Plight Of The Knight

Jack jumped from his jeep and ran towards the house where they took the girl. He entered the house through the wreck. The porch of the house was almost deserted.

He proceeded further, the deserted building was in dark, but there was a dim light far inside. He followed the light and halted at a close door, there were manly voices inside the room. He thought for a while and knocked on the door.

"Who the hell......" a drunken voice came from inside.

After a few minutes he heard the sound of unlocking the door. A pot-bellied man came out. Jack used all his power and a perfect karate chop flattened him.

Jack took his revolver out and went inside.

"Who was there.......?" another voice came from the adjacent room. Jack proceeded in that room's direction which was partially opened. He peeped through the door, the scene inside was bizarre. Five policemen were sitting around a round table and drinking and smoking. The little girl was standing in a corner and sobbing.

He kicked open the door and aimed the revolver towards the policemen.

"Let the girl go!" shouted Jack.

All the five men looked at him but didn't budge a little. One of them stood up and walked towards Jack.

"I said don't move or I'll shoot."

The policemen looked at him mockingly and moved his hand towards his gun and at that very moment Jack fired, the bullet broke his gun and the policeman was transfixed at this drastic action.

The policemen were a bit terrified now. One of them said, "Okay, take the girl."

Jack looked at the terrified girl and said, "Don't worry daughter, come to me slowly."

The girl didn't move instead she wept bitterly.

"Don't weep, I'm here to save you, help you......"

Jack couldn't speak further a heavy blow on his head blurred his vision and he fell on the ground. He was half conscious when he saw all the policemen kicking him, someone tied him with a rope. When he came into his senses, he was tied and laying on the cold ground.

All the five policemen were smoking now. One of them came close to him and asked, "Who are you? What the hell do you want to do with this girl?"

Jack looked at his rough face, but said nothing.

"He doesn't answer." said one of them and kicked hard in Jack's belly.

"Speak up." said another policeman.

No reply.

"I can make the walls speak, he is just a wee punk." said another policeman and took out his belt and started beating Jack.

After five minutes, Jack's clothes were all torn and he was bleeding everywhere.

"Leave him alone, talk to SP Saab, when will he come. We cannot hold the girl all the night." said another potbellied policeman.

"Are you worried about SP Saab or just eager to take a ride on her." said another policeman with a bawdy laugh.

"That is true, we cannot touch her before SP Saab, she is a fresh piece of meat." said another policeman.

"What to do with this bastard?" said one of them.

"I'll take care of him." said one of them and went inside the kitchen. He came out with a bottle full of red chilly powder. He took out a handful of powder and rubbed it on Jack's wounds. Jack cried in pain.

The girl was weeping bitterly at the plight of her Saviour. Suddenly there was a heavy foot sound outside the room. All the policemen ran towards the door and open it. A man in leather jacket and jeans came inside, he was around fifty years old and heavy built.

"What the hell is going on here? Who is this man?" asked the newcomer in his husky voice.

"We don't know SP Saab, he just came in asking for the girl. He entered this room and attacked Kamal, but he regained his senses and attacked him. After that we tried to know, who he was but he doesn't reply.

"Take him in the river's marsh and shoot him, rivers crocks shall feed on him." Said the SP.

Two of the policemen made him stood up and untied him.

The SP looked at the girl and said, "Fresh item? I hate all those AIDS carrying hookers, she seems fresh.

He looked at Jack and said, "Take him, I don't have all the night, lemme finish with her.

He paused for a while and said, "Bring her inside the room."


They took Jack outside of the house. One of the policemen has stuck his revolver to his back and forced him to move ahead.

Jack face was burning with the rage, he moved like an electric bolt and hit hard on the face of gun holder. The man fell on the ground, but Jack has taken his hidden mouser out now. He shot the man on the ground and saw his running ally, Jack pulled his gun trigger and the running man toppled.

Jack kicked the wounded man and ran towards the house. He entered the house like a storm and kicked open the room's door. The bewildered policemen looked at him but he shot them without any warning. They were all on the ground, wounded and cursing him.

He rushed towards the other door where he could hear the cry of the girl clearly. He jumped into the room and saw the bizarre scene, the girl was in rags and the lustful policeman was trying to force her on his bed.

Jack clenched his teeth and fired, the bullets broke his shoulder joints and blew his knee caps.

He took him by his leg and dragged him outside. He left him writhing on the ground and went straight to the rest of the policemen. He broke their armpits and blew their knee caps for he wanted them to live them a life a creeper.

He took out his knife and sat on the chest of a policeman and punctured his eyes and cut off his manhood.

It was done to all the trembling policemen. By the time he finished with the last policeman the SP was pleading him to not to do it with him.

Jack spat on his face and did the same to him and carved PAEDOPHILE on his forehead with his knife.

The girl has come out of the room and saw all which was going on in that room.

Jack looked at him and said, "Look daughter it all beyond your comprehension, but it was necessary."

He took her hand and came out of the building.

"Quel est votre nom?" asked Jack.

"Amélie." Replied the girl.

"Venez fille avec moi, vivre avec moi jusqu'à ce que je trouve vos parents." (Come with me daughter, live with me until we find your parents)

Cost Of A Smile

Jack looked at the group of playing girls and happy Amélie among them. He could never save his daughter Medha but saving Amélie was a part of his emancipation. A smile on the face of Amélie washed away his momentary sadness.

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