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Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Inspirational


Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Inspirational

Life Changes...

Life Changes...

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First half of the story: 

Minal was happy with her parents and lovely younger sister, Siya. Her dad was Professor in university. Her mother was housewife and was a nice soft spoken kind of lady.

Minal did her graduation and she got a job in one reputed company. she was fair, beautiful and bubbly kind of girl. One day she met a smart, dashing Manager while on official visit to one office in the same city.. Both had official conversation on work The Manager was also young and highly qualified.

Next day she got a call from that Manager asking her to meet at one restaurant in the evening, she agreed. Restaurant was in a open space with beautiful surrounding. Probably Minal too must have liked him at first meeting so she must have said yes to meet again.

They met in the evening, talked to each other over coffee / snacks. To know about each other and also about their families. They developed interest for each other or it was a love at first sight. .....and started meeting quite often. Both belonged to different languages and caste / cultures.

Vikas, proposed Minal for marriage one day. They got married with the consent of their parents and with rituals. Their office colleagues too attended the marriage.  

Vikas and Minal were very happy in their life. Minal got adjusted in that family.  Minal and Vikas were spending a nice good time with each other. But something not very good was written in fate of this marriage. Hardly after one year of her marriage, Vikas died of heart attack, while In office. Minal and both the families just got shattered with this shocking news.  

After few months her parents decided to bring Minal back with them. As she was very young at that time, hardly 27 was her age., And she was widow. She had whole life ahead of her.  

Minal did her post graduation, in the meantime her sister Siya got married in a reputed doctors family in the city. It was love marriage. All were happy in the family.

Minal found a job for her so as to become financially independent and to keep herself engaged in work and to come out of that sadness of her life. From there she took another job in better company and with better designation.

Here she met a colleague Priya , who was working in that company since 8 years, and now was looking for some change and Nice time after hectic time she had till now, so Minal and Priya became friends. Also 2 - 3 more colleagues Ankit, Shreyas and Nilesh joined them. So they used to take lunch together in office. Used to contribute money and get sweets and snacks and their lunch time became favourite get together time.

Also Minal and Priya sometimes used to go out in sweets shops during lunch time or in the evening, as both were sweet lovers.  

In short Minal started living her life again with zeel , she started interacting with people, colleagues, Managers. Also visited company's offices in other cities for training n all and met new colleagues / friends.  

after two years her friend Priya left the job. Now even Minal, Ankit and Shreyas got a good offer in cellphone company as they were recruiting employees for their new branch, so they joined there 

After six months :

One day Minal reached home in the evening and was surprised to see a childhood friend who was a Doctor now in US, had come to their house and was talking to her father.  

Dr. Anvay had an idea about Minal ' s tragedy in first marriage, so without much delay he asked for Minal' s hand. He talked to Minal' s Dad about his interest in getting married to Minal.

Anvay was always fond of Minal since childhood when they were staying in the university quarters. And incidentally his first marriage could also last for a short period of time, which was an arranged marriage.

Now after having discussion on this with Minal and also her Mom and Siya, her Dad informed about their positive response to Dr Anvay and his parents. Minal and Dr. Anvay got married and went to US.

Next half of the story :

Dr. Anvay is very handsome, and considerate and understanding towards Minal. They both take some time to settle there in US. And after two years of marriage Minal became a mother of cute daughter. Both Minal and Dr. Anvay celebrate this joy, happiness with their friends, relatives and colleagues in a grand celebration.

Minal ' s life changed now for better, she again has happiness in her life now. They used to visit their parents in India.  

Minal also start working there in US as a consultant and practitioner as she has post graduation in clinical psychology, a profession much in demand in US. and her husband too a busy doctor practising in another city in US.  

Since Minal' s father is retired now so Minal and her husband decide to convince her parents to shift to USA. During next visit to India her parents shift with her to US.

Minal 's daughter Ritu grown up into a beautiful, smart, very intelligent, and well behaved girl and she is also sensitive towards grandparents. Ritu gets good guidance from her grandfather who is a retired professor. Also Minal's Mom is quite instrumental and have played active role in Ritu ' s upbringing.  

Few years later Minal loses her Dad very unexpectedly in heart attack. A sad time for Minal and all but she come out of this loss gradually.

All in the family are very proud of Ritu , for her brilliant academic success along with her other activities including her social work towards underpreviliged children at a very young age.

Minal is also taking good care of her Mom . But Minal is quite happy and contented as her life has changed now for much better. It is her courage, will power and joyous nature that helped her in life. And also because of good support from her husband and support from their parents.

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