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Last Desire

Last Desire

7 mins

With 7 bullets in, my body is falling down on the field. Trying hard to open my eyes but unable to do so. Just able to listen to the sound of people, guns, and tanks. War is still on and my colleagues are struggling with a horrible situations. 

I never felt so helpless in my life. I am alive but death can be more beautiful than this. My all efforts to pull up myself are just turned as daydream. I am not sure about my unit members. Even not sure how many of them are alive. 

Suddenly heard the voice of Captain who is calling screaming with joy that Air Force is arrived to take over the situation.

Situation was not the same before few hours. We were happy for John. He got news of new born baby and throw a party to the entire company. We are posted at the border from the last 6 months and it was the first celebration in camp. 

John had completed his training with me and we are together from the last 5 years. This is the third time when he got posting along with me. We were buddy from earlier days and I know importance of that good news in his life. John has lost his father at age of 10 years. His mother had very difficult time and with a scholarship from Christian Trust, John has completed his education. Inspite of single Male in family he had shown a courage to join army. His old age mother and wife are at village. Due to posting at critical place, he was not able to take leave during his wife's pregnancy. His eyes were in tears of happiness while he was trying to feel the whisper of a small baby boy. Unforgettable is a small word for that awesome moment and suddenly Alex has taken a click and capture those emotions in the photo.

Alex, hero of the company. Young, tall, handsome guy. If he has not joined the army surely he would be a model of a TV actor. He has everything which a human requires to live a lavish life. Highly educated, rich, handsome young boy with very good nature and sense of humour. His family is serving the army from the last 3 generations and he also feels proud to be part of brave, dedicated and devoted fraternity.

I, Captain, John, and Alex are more than colleagues. We have spent quality time in our last assignments and we are good buddies.

120 soldiers from our company were enjoying John's party. We were cracking a funny joke on John and dancing around campfire. It's December, minus degree temperature and breezy winds were enough to freeze blood in veins but warmth for our dear John and madness for celebration was more stubborn than atmosphere.

Suddenly we heard a danger alarm. Captain has called all the soldiers for immediate meeting. Entire situation was changed drastically. We all became ready. As a soldier, we were trained to respond to an emergency with no delay. All joy, relaxation, and fun vanished and we have taken our charge to kick the upcoming challenge but none of us was aware that it was not a challenge it was doom.

Captain has called us and told us that a battalion of the enemy has attacked us. The border is always unexpected and one should be ready for military activities from opponents but initiating a war so silently was not a usual condition. Almost 1000 soldiers with highly equipped machine guns and 50 tanks were looks like messenger of death. We were only 120. Though we have all the required weapons, it is not easy to fight with one who is 8 times bigger. We all have decided to fight till the time we will ge backup from nearer Army head quarter or Air Force Unit. Captain had experience of handling worst conditions and he has made a strategy. Company was divided into 4 groups of 30 soldiers headed by Captain, John, Alex and me. 

Captain and I have taken charge of center while John and Alex were given extreme sides (North and South) for strengthening the position. If they both can reach to the peak of the mountain and take positions, we have a chance to attack the enemy from all the corners which will double up our power on battle field. John and Alex have started their tough journey with team. They have to reach to peak of mountains and cover the field from 2 extreme sides which was the only way to control 1000 enemies. Till the time onus lies on me and captain to fight with enemy from front. 

Without wasting a time we have acted as per strategy. I and Captain have fired on enemy with missile launcher. Missile hit the desired area and we have shouted with power. Within no time, they have responded with tanks, missiles and bullets. Countless bullets from both the side, explosives and horrible noise of missiles converted battle field into hell. 

We were struggling from the last 4 hours. Not sure about other teams but my 20 soldiers martyred in battle. It is not easy to see your loved one's body but the battle never gives the option. Every second can be a game changer and one has to be alert on every response of opponent. John and Alex were our only hope. We were desperately waiting for them to reach at mountain peak and start attack.

Suddenly I saw something which was not favourable. 20-25 soldiers were chasing John and team. Surely their intention was to fail our team to climb mountain. If they became successfull to stop John then we would loose all the hopes. There was only way to support, someone can help John with cover fire. I have only 10 members left in team and we cannot leave the center point. I have tried to call captain and informed him about my movement with 5 soldiers. 

After Captain's signal, we 6 people have started chasing mountain and started firing on enemies. No need to say that they have reverted us with rain of bullets. They were at higher altitude and it was easily for them to hunt us. For us it was like sailing a ship against storms. We didn't know about the end but that was the only way we have to buy the time for next few hours till we get support from nearer regiment. Constant firing was started from the both the side.

One of my soldiers Zen was localite from that area and knows how to survive on hills. He has spent his entire life with these hills, stones and higher altitude. For him it is a second home and that was blessing for all of us. He started crawling on hills and also guided us. Even he has good experience to use big stones of mountain as a sheild. We have started climbing and simultaneously firing on enemy. Things were not easy at all but now we atleast know the new technique of self-defence. After 2 hours of deadly fight we have finally killed all the enemies but I lost all 5 brave team members and 7 bullets are in my body. My body is lying on a big stone and the last thing I have seen John with team reaching at the peak. My eyes started becaming heavy.

I know few breath are left and anytime I have to leave. Suddenly all memories with company, our craziness, friendliness, madness and dedication for each other started flashing. There is a smile on my face. Once I came out of that suddenly realized about my parents. A man with retired life and old woman who is fighting with aging problem. I was in tears for few minutes but everyone is not blessed enough to have such a prideful death.

John and Alex have taken their positions and Air Force has arrived the cover the situation. In fact nearer Army Battalion will be at field in next 2 hours. We have done for what we were struggling. 

I need a few more hours. I need a few more breaths. I am desperate to see this victory. This is my "Last Desire". 

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