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Red Ink

Red Ink

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I am really unable to understand why people are crazy about Abdul Ul Zamil. All 3 books are bestselling. How readers are accepting non-fiction books with all imaginations and daydreams?.  

Abdul Ul Zamil is a writer uses to write books on India Pakistan war and military friction. These all are real incidents and available on different digital platforms. Every second person knowns that India had defeated Pakistan in multiple military actions. In spite of all, this man is writing his own imaginations and people are reading him like an addict. After 20 years of service in the Indian Intelligence wing at least I am not ready to digest such nonsense. I love reading books and passionate about action, thriller, suspense, and war-related books. Based on readers' reviews, I have purchased Abdul's book 2 months back. Hardly read 10 pages and closed the book immediately. I don't have words to explain the level of my irritation. The book was on the Kargil War between India and Pakistan. Forget about the war strategy, planning level, approach of army officials, difficulties due to high altitudes, and final result. Mr. writer has mentioned all the wrong geographical descriptions. He has mentioned the location as Baramulla which is 230 km from Kargil. Such a freaky guy. I have put that book in the extreme corner of the shelf. There was nothing to remember in that book so I forgot about it and indulged in my routine.

Today is 18th September 2016. It's 6:30 AM and I got a call from Aniruddh. He is sharing news about today's terrorist attack at 5:30 AM. I have started News Channels. Channels are talking minutely on how terrorists have approached the location and executed such a ruthless activity. What they are sharing is not new to me. I suddenly remember something and take a book of Abdul from the shelf

After reading it carefully, my blood is getting cold and I am cursing myself. I have purchased 2 more books from Abdul and read it. A writer who seems to be freaky is actually a spoke person of militants.

I have asked a chief to call a meeting as I have clues about today's incident. The meeting is on and Cheif is addressing officials. Everyone is criticizing this guerrilla attack. We all know that our neighbor country and its army is supporting terrorist activities and this activity is also carried out by them. Chief has asked me to share my observations. 

I have started this book. Abdul Ul Zamil is a famous writer and he is writing a book on war and military actions. When I have read this book before 2 months. I found this writer is freaky and useless. In spite of all this, he is a bestseller with 3 bestselling books. When I have dug deeper, come to know that readers are from different Asian and Europian countries. A specific group of people is following him on a digital platform for the last 15 years. Few of his fans are involved in social work and running big NGOs. Abdul has very close connections with a few beurocrates also. Let's discuss on the core issue.

Andul has published this book in Sep 2015, almost a year back. This book's introduction page talks about Kargil War but what he has written inside the book doesn't have any match with reality. Even during first read, I found this book as a comic for children with no relation to facts. Unfortunately, this book contains the blue print of today's attack. See the comments by readers. 

The first comment was "superb writing. It will surely inspire others". Here they are talking about molding youth as a terrorist.

A very strange comment after 3 months "We really appreciate your efforts. we have enough resources for your upcoming book". This means they have procured enough weapons and cash for activity.

3rd weird comment in Jun 2016 "Few Co-Authors are inspired by your writing. Surely they will create a wonder based on your guidance." Here Co-Author means terrorists or suicide bombers who are ready for this mission.

Very dangerous comment on 5-Sep 2016 "Co-authors are ready to launch their new book in this month". This means they are ready for a terrorist attack. Within 13 days, they have attacked our soldiers.

I have read his rest of the 2 books. The introduction page talks about historical war incidents while the internal writeup connects the dots with upcoming terrorist attacks. Everyone in the meeting room is astonished.

Now they are planning terrorist activities, guerrilla attacks, and unrest at the border through a very noble profession. Definitely, such an intellectual fraternity will not forgive him for defaming this profession but this is very weird and dangerous news.

A writer publishing a book for terrorist organizations. Other militants are distributing it through different channels, converting youth as a terrorist, openly discussing plan through codewords and executing such inhuman activity. What a penurious thought process?. 

I have submitted my observations to the intelligence chief for further action and surely action would be taken on involved people but this incident makes me anxious. He may be the big writer for the world but his pen is filled with innocents' blood.

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