Jisha Laha

Action Crime Thriller


Jisha Laha

Action Crime Thriller

Kill and Live

Kill and Live

5 mins

Hi. I'm Madhubala Acharya. Sounds quite historical, right? Actually, my grandmother was enthralled by the beauty of Madhubala, the brilliant and beautiful Bollywood actress. She always imagined herself in place of her. But, with passing time, her desire became despair. However, when I was born, she discovered a glimpse of Madhubala within me. But, I never see any such thing in me. In this modernizing world, the name Madhubala Acharya sounds quite bizarre. So I renamed myself as Marya. This too is strange but not as historical as the real one.

From the very beginning of my adolescence, I am attracted to murder mysteries and romantic thrillers. I always stay attired in mini skirt and crop top. High heels, long straight hair, a scorpion tattoo and obviously fiery eyes are all that makes me up. Life is full of mysteries. Discovering them is quite intriguing. I always craved for an opportunity which will let my dreams come true to life.

And the most interesting fact about me is that I'm a killer. Yes. I'm a killer. Gallons of blood flowed and I'm the reason. But, if you dive down deeper into the stories, you'll come across the fact that they themselves welcomed their last breath.

I began my sin with a small attempt. My love for dogs dates back to my very tender age. I love them more than human beings. They don't defy you . They are loyal, they are innocet, they are not two-headed snake. You can trust them to the fullest. That's why I love them.

I was 19 that time. I returned home from my hostel during the summer vacation. The weather was quite sultry but even under simmering heat, Indian country side areas are something to be acclaimed. I used to loiter around hither and thither and notice torrent of things that were pregnant with beauty. One of them was a dozen of puppies. They belonged to two mother dogs. But, they were in immense good terms with eachother. When one took care of the puppies, the other was in search of food. In an alley, they set up their abode. I loved the small-sweet family more than my own family. Moreover, they valued it. I made off with the left over foods of my house many a time. I used to cater them a lot of things. Food, twigs, straws, rag and what not. 

Around 11 am was my meeting time with a handful of necessities. One day, on reaching there I discovered utter vacancy. I frowned with curiosity. Where they could have gone? They were too small. I searched in many places but I found no one . Tears found a chance to roll down my cheeks. 

I returned home in haste and said my mother everything. My sister was coming downstairs and she asked, "You are looking for the dogs?"

"Yes. You know where they are?"

"Oh yeah. Bubai ( a boy of our locality) packed them in a bag and threw in the pond."

I was numb, not only for the misery of the puppies, but also for the inhuman activity. 

"But why?", I asked.

"He was saying that when the dogs will grow up, it'll be irritating ."

The irrational statements made me annoyed. I was howling and yelling. But there was no one to feel me. I just wanted to be sure that the mischief was done by Bubai. I rushed to his house .

"You killed the dogs Bubai dada?", I asked.

"Arey. You don't understand, it'll be a tough job to deal with so many grown up dogs after a couple of years.", he said in the most casual way one can be.

I had literally no words. He was elder. I couldn't scold him. I came back to my home.

After a couple of hours, the last light of sun bid adieu and it was dark outside. I always go to the terrace in evening to savour a cigarette. But, that day I was busy thinking how to take revenge. I got over my sorrow and started wracking my brain in an illegal way. The problem was I had to opt something that's simple yet dangerous. I was a simple girl. Killing someone would not assist me in eradicating my anger. It will shape me as a serial killer. In no time, my heart started combating with my brain. Finally, my brain won.

So much stress was getting unbearable and I slept. When I woke up, it was 8:40 am and the sun was peeping in. I was absolutely vacant within. I had nothing to do. So, I went to the terrace to refresh myself. In a minute or so, I saw Bubai strolling on the road by our house. The anger breeded and it crept up to my brain and whispered "kill him". The houses of our locality are very close to one another. So it's very easy to leap from one roof to the other. Quickly, I leaped to the roof of Bubai's house. Luckily, no one was there and it was locked from inside. I stood closer to the edge and looked for a weapon.

A piece of brick was waiting for me to be picked up, in the side. My fingers formed a firm grip around the brick and I took my hands forward, stretching it out of the border. Slowly, the grasp became loose and the brick fell with utmost gravity on Bubai's head. He collapsed with hands covering his head. The road got tinted with blood and everyone around stared without a single blink. I came back, threw the hand gloves in the bonfire of the garden, changed my alarm to 10:00 am, l lay myself on the bed with the blanket covering my whole body. Good thing was that I kneeled down as soon as I threw the brick.

I was happy that I sought revenge. But, I was happier as the police didn't even think for a second that it's me whom they were looking for. No one was found guilty and the police called off the case and that's what normally happens in India.

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