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Jisha Laha

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Jisha Laha

Children Stories Fantasy Others

Following The Moon

Following The Moon

3 mins

Often we like to stroll at night on the lap of tranquility as it sustains us physically as well as mentally. Have you ever wondered how it feels to stand amid the silent surrounding? Though this enchanting feeling you can never undergo in the clamor, the countryside lifestyle will surely acquaint you with that particular feeling. Today, in this story, I'll take you to the world of beauty which lies nowhere but in this world. 

The assignments were galloping me and it felt like someone smashing my head. Intaking painkillers are out and out futile. I wracked my brain about the remedies that will keep me cool besides eradicating my trauma. What about an evening walk? It was November, so the Sun bid adieu to us quite early but the slightest radiance was still prevailing. It was mild dark and the sparkling moon dragged my mind towards it. Though I'm a bit asocial, a company of a child never irritates me. I summoned my two years old niece. She was quite excited to loiter with her young aunty, with her tiny new steps. We decked up with a sweater, scarf, and a dozen other warm clothes to keep the chill at bay.

The first thing that caught my vision was the big circular moon. My niece is a child. And it is utter important to immerse her in the pool of creativity. I said to her," Can you see the 'Chanda mama' (moon in native language)?"

She grinned and said," Chanda mama tikka diye ja( poem in Bengali)."

"Let's rummage through the sky to find the moon," I kiddingly said to arise the imagination within her. We continued to walk and the moon also hid, sometimes behind the trees, sometimes behind the clouds and the childish innocence of her laughed hard at the moon and said," We shall find you out, no matter wherever you hide."

I chuckled at her pure heart.

She loosened her fist that was holding my hand tight and started running forth following the moon. 

"Moon is so bad. I'm running so much fast but she is going away from me," she complained.

I let her happiness breed and asked her to chase the moon until the moon responded. But after a few minutes, her eagerness to run came to a halt.

" Can I sing a song?", she earnestly requested. And it is pretty much apparent that one cannot deny a kid. She started singing," momo chitte nite nitte ke je nache tata thoi thoi. Ki anondo, ki anondo....."

It seemed more like yelling out a dozen of words rather than a melody. But, her bliss overpowered the angst that was about to murder me.

On the avenue, under the moonlit night, we roamed the village with beams. She was exhausted by the high- spirited song. And no other way to move forward but take her on my back like a small bag. The long and attenuated trees with torrents of flattering leaves, the long lake reflecting the clear, cloudless, star- repleted sky, birds traveling back to their home and what not! Hardly the honking of horns, fallouts, and pollution was there. It was just the mesmerizing beauty of nature. 

Being a beholder is never one inborn quality. If you wish to be one such, you can be. Just try to something very much different from others and see the entire world with the eyes that crave to see something delighting every single moment. 

"Time to get back home.", I unwillingly said.

No response. 

"Hey. Suchi.. my darling "

Still, she was calm.

I brought her on my hands from my back and I saw a compassionate young soul savoring sound sleep, maybe dreaming about her friendship with the moon.

I nodded with a smile and walked back towards the abode.

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