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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Jisha Laha



Jisha Laha


Strange Day, But Full Of Happiness

Strange Day, But Full Of Happiness

5 mins

After ample toil, yesterday I went to bed quite earlier because I had to get some sound sleep to eradicate all my tiredness. I usually do not get dreams and if I get so, they are too embarrassing to be discussed with my near and dear ones. 

It seemed like a dozen hours passed in the bed and the sun was shining with more enthusiasm. I feared that my mother would come rushing to my room with a broom and a pile of words to scold. In haste, I got up and after a giant yawn accompanied by stretched hands, I stared at the surrounding. It was quite obscure as everything around was yet to get acquainted with me. I stepped down and searched for a clue to get out of this simple maze. 

"Is it a dream?" I mumbled and pinched myself hard to know the truth. "Ouch," I screamed for both physical pain and the mental conundrum. 

"Is anyone here? Am I audible to someone? Help! Help! May I know where am I?" I yelled. Soon I became thirsty but no trace of water caught my vision. I sat down frustrated. 

After a couple of minutes, there came a woman of strange semblance with water in an enlarged pen - cap. The woman was very similar to my doll who is way too smaller than her. I was too perplexed to utter a single word and all I said was repleted with stammering.

"Who... who...who...are...are...you..?" I asked 

"You don't know me? I am your friend, your doll. I am the one with whom you share all your feelings," she said. 

I became shocked as well as scared because she is the one who knows all my secrets, even the ones which I have kept at bay from people in all the possible ways. I was getting lost in the lonely crowd of fear of whether she will leak the stuff to everyone when she said after the cough to divert my attention," Nothing to worry. I know you trust me and that's why you speak your mind out to me." She continued, "See. You were craving for water a minute ago. Here's the water." She handed me the pen cap and I had no other way but to savor the water. After some time, she again came, and this time with more amicable behavior.

"How I am here?" I asked.

"Why this question? Last day only you whispered in my ear that you want to live with me. I prayed to God. See, he heard us," she replied with a charming chuckle.

"You are hungry?" She asked.

"I'm ravenous," I replied with a frank laugh. 

"Then it's high time to let my guest have some food. Wait a minute. I'm cooking something for you." She moved out of the room, humming the music I sing while playing with them.

I got up to have a look at the things around. The bed was very fluffy and comfy. Though I made it on a dictionary, it wasn't seeming so. Rather, it was catering a whole lot of relish. The tiny dressing table was nothing less than those which have found their place in palaces. There were a small comb and a few cosmetics. It was an enthralling feeling to have the reflection of my entire body in the mirror which initially was too small to make me see my whole face. The boat I created with the paper was leaning against the wall. I wanted to lift it but after a couple of strongly determined tries too, I failed. The feather I bought from the terrace was resting in the corner. They used it as a broom, to be honest, the most beautiful broom I have ever seen. My smile was curving more and gradually I became overloaded with happiness. The sticker I pasted once was looking like a very beautiful poster. Slowly, I moved to the other room wherein a bed, a bunch of jewelry were spread. The finger rings that I use as a big human being are their necklaces. My small earrings are their bigger ones. The golden crown that they inherit from the very beginning was kept on the shelf with utmost care. The small cupboard was filled with a lot of beautiful dresses. 

But I could not sniff any fascinating aroma of food. What's she cooking? What's going on in the kitchen? All these questions were making me more perplexed but then I made up my mind to visit her in the kitchen, by myself. I strolled to the kitchen and there she was attired in the dress I made for her, cooking something using the plastic utensils. 

My lips parted in shock the moment I saw her rolling paper on a stick and she claimed it egg roll. 

"Remember, you taught me to cook this?"She said with a charm. I had no other option left but to grinn with enormous confusion. She served it on the table. 

"Do you think it is eatable? " I asked.

"You hate this? Wait a minute. I have something else for you," She said and went to the shelf and took out a giant fragment of a biscuit and a few gram seeds. Luckily those were something one human can eat. I ate them with a bundle of joy. 

We sat in the bed and were discussing all the things we ever shared. It was like a trip down memory lane. Hardly I become this frank with anyone but I trust her the most, no matter she is living or nonliving.

Suddenly the telephone started ringing and I got up to pick up the call. It was a common voice scolding on the other end," Get up I say! All the time sleep and sleep. Come on. Be quick. Get up! " Everything around was becoming fade and in no time, everything vanished, even my doll cum friend and I was amid a smokey surrounding. After a second or two, the fog bid adieu and there was my mom standing angrily with hands-on her waist. I rushed to my dollhouse and, devastatingly, I came across the fact that it wasn't a dream as the egg roll, biscuit, gram seeds, everything was in place and even then cupboard was open. 

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