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She broke through the invisible bars

She broke through the invisible bars

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"Congratulations! You are blessed with a baby girl," the doctor said carving an arc of smile on his face. But, the family received a big gloomy blow.They felt like getting dragged down from heaven to hell. All their excitement crumbled down into despair.They frowned in mourn and the patriarch sat down in anguish.

"We have no hopes left. No son from anyone of you four," the patriarch uttered staring at his four sons standing by him, obviously with a dejected look. They got bestowed on a beautiful-burden. 

Though India is developing in all the spheres, the typical Indian mentality is yet to get adorned with modern ideals. In many parts of India, girls are still nurtured with the mentality of a housewife or a maid with torrent of etiquettes. 

She, Maya, too was born and bred in such surrounding that's amidst those people who just crave for sons to let the family chart get elongated. Although nearly all the necessities of life were handy to her, she lacked the inborn right i.e. freedom. Take birth, study till your boards, marry, rear up children, serve in-laws and then die, this is the life of maximum Indian women. The problem is not that they don't understand the value of life but the problem is that they are kept captivated and just act as puppets in the hands of men. They are never allowed to discover that they possess infinite power and strength.

Maya's life was also shaping in the same very way. She was asked to dream of rich in-laws rather than making herself someone. She was asked to make her more beautiful rather than to pick up the books whole-heartedly. She was clutched by her family who had so called concern for her. Life is what you make it. Something always whispered it in her ear. Even when the whole world stood against her, she never ceased to combat. 

Her yelling were silent. She never complaint against those which were forming a barrier between her and her life. She only penned down. She penned down her pain, her dream, her life behind the invisible bars. But, no one read it. Once a boy of her class snatched one such paper of emotions from her but after having a glimpse, he let it fly in the air. Tears trickled down her rosy cheeks and the pain crept deep inside her heart. The piece of paper that was let free in the air was caught by her principal who happened to be one female. She wasn't lenient. Maya trembled in fear as the paper was heavy with her complaints. The headmistress had a look on the words pregnant with emotions.

She tapped Maya on her shoulder and asked with an uncommon solemn tone, "You wrote it?"

"Yes ma'am," Maya replied with her head hung down.

"These are real or fictitious?" 

"Ma'am, my life"

"Well. Come and meet me in the Principal office when your classes are over."

"Ok miss," Maya answered with curiosity and fear.

She was busy thinking about the words of the Principal. Will she call her parents? Will she rusticate her ? All these perplexing nuisance were making her unstable. The innocent face of Maya had an extra feeble look that day. However, when the bell jingled and the classes were over, with tiny steps , she reached the Principal office and asked in the most polite way, "Ma'am may I come in?"

"Oh Maya. Come beta come. Have your seat," the Principal said with a charm. She further interrogated," Why you write these things? Don't fear. I'll stand by you. Your words are powerful. I'll show you the way to the world you want to live in."

"Ma'am ,though my family is rich and quite prestigious in the eyes of people, no one knows the mystery that's hidden behind the main-gate. I want to do something for myself. But my family always cares about my look and dream of a rich and good in-laws. I am penchant for writing. It is the only thing that gives me a hope. I have no one to talk to. So I opted writing." All her misery became crystal clear to her teacher. 

"You want to be a writer?"

"Ma'am there's a big difference between wanting to become and becoming."

"Now you are wrong. Your voice is powerful enough to get recognised.you know, thoughts form your personality. Think positive and that'll eradicate all the petty barriers in your way. You just say me whether you're out and out determined or not? If yes, I'll support you."

"Ma'am please get me out of this prison. I..." she stammered with angst. 

The Principal got up from her comfy chair and hugged Maya like her own daughter and vocalised a couple of consoling words. The Principal was without a child and she never saw Maya less than her own daughter.

"You write your own story. I'll talk to the publishing house," the principal said and asked her to go back to her house.

The Principal was her Messiah. She really tried her level best to make Maya's writing gain limelight. After a year the book "The invisible bars" written by Maya Dasgupta became the bestseller. She got acclaimed for her novels that're wrapped up with reality and feelings. 

Maya started caring for her Principal ma'am in the same way she did for her parents. She turned out to be one inspiration and everyone hero-worshipped her.

Discovering oneself is one intriguing journey. Try it out. You'll get absolutely enthralled and amazed by your potential as the great religious teacher Swami Vivekananda once said,

"Never say 'no' 

Never say 'I cannot'

For You are Infinite"

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