Aadar Atreya

Classics Crime Thriller


Aadar Atreya

Classics Crime Thriller

Gabriel's First Investigation- Girl In Hell

Gabriel's First Investigation- Girl In Hell

16 mins

Gabriel's mother tied his shoelaces with a profound smile on her face. Her son was the newly appointed district police chief of Koham district. Gabriel's mother Angela was not very supportive of the placement her son chose. Reasons will tend back to the grave adolescence of her second child, Gabriel. Her mother still amalgamated with her son's choice. Gabriel's risky decision to choose Koham, located in the northeastern region of the country was to fight his own devils. The state's juvenile delinquency was not a matter of concern in prime time debates. On the ground, it seemed to be the only matter. Last month, a teenager crashed his grandmother's feeble skull to avid death after sniffing glue. A gang comprising completely of teenagers looted a meat shop in broad daylight. Schools reportedly saw suspensions probably every day owing to fistfights and relentless bullying. There was something not very pleasant with the youths and Gabriel wanted himself to be the reason behind the youths' optimistic transformation. "I really hope your decision does not backfire, Nino" Angela told her child. Gabriel stood before the mirror and appreciated himself for the position he was in currently. His hard work and relentless suffering seemed all right with him at that moment. "Already, many decisions have, mom," he said his mother calmly. Angela came towards her slowly and said while caressing his forehead softly " You are unbreakable now for you have been broken countless times. Never forget about it and even Jaan Patnaik cannot do a thing about it for he too had not been broken so many times". Gabriel agreed with an immediate nod, a slow nod. He left out for his first professional duty accompanied by two haveldars. The haveldars would not interact with him out of deepened respect and an introvert Gabriel welcomed it. Gabriel reached the police headquarters. Seeing the tricolor flag of his nation and the image of the at the top, he bowed in respect and made his way towards. Everybody stood up in the presence of the new chief and Gabriel kept a warm smile on his face. Pictures of the great freedom fighters of his nation over the supreme leader unlike other many stations gave him a ray of optimism right away. He grabs his seat immediately and began going through the many case files. Juvenile delinquents indeed grabbed a massive portion. Koham was battered by the new generation's profound violence. A big taint, it was, on a white shirt. The tribes of Koham have had immense respect for women and loyalty but teenage delinquency for a few months disturbed the peace of the otherwise peaceful district. Gabriel wanted to change it. 


A summary of the case files made Gabriel organize an immediate meeting to deliberate his own analysis. Unlike Jaan Patnaik's city, the projector was not massive but good enough for Gabriel. The slim police officers with the strong core as visible beneath their uniforms sat in the discipline before their new district police chief. Many of them had just spat out their local fresh tobacco before the meeting. "Hello gentlemen, welcome to the meeting. I know I am not the old man with a long mustache as you would have liked the chief to be " Gabriel started in a scornful manner. The policemen laughed at it and a sense of comfort filled the room. "We all love Koham, don't we? The respect to women, the loyalty, the unity, I can go on and I am not even from Koham, Sirs. So, what exactly is eating this beautiful district?". The policemen there sat in silence and nobody could respond. Gabriel eyed them one by one. "Koham used to be an example during my training days, believe me. The past few months and your teenagers are going absurd. They are crushing skulls and bones. The girls are vanishing. What is the matter?" The policemen out there exchanged looks and showed how they were equally nonplussed. "We do not know, Chief" Inspector Zwala spoke up. The others in the room showed no enthusiasm either. It was a failed attempt for Gabriel and he understood that time would be an important factor for his amalgamation with the colleagues.

Lunchtime came and Gabriel went to a small hut restaurant nearby. He filed himself with a huge duck and rice platter but the meeting's silence was striking him on the head at certain intervals... "Good afternoon Chief" a policeman came to Gabriel. Gabriel realized it was the same Zwala and offered him a sit with a gentle smile. Zwala firstly apologized for the sudden hindrance but Gabriel welcomed him genuinely. Gabriel could tell the man was out on a purpose and he let the person bring it out comfortably. by offering him a huge piece of the duck meat. Zwala finally came to his purpose saying "Chief, our district indeed has been a hub of peace and I don't like getting the reputation battered." Gabriel showed his pleasant listening skills and asked him to open up more. "Sir, promise me, you will not disclose anything," Zwala said sternly to his chief. "I will not..But what, Zwala?" Gabriel asked with curiosity. Zwala awaited for the nearby waiter to disperse and on his dispersal revealed some big facts "Sir, my son, 16 years started taking weed a month ago. He would sit on the top of our town's lighthouse with some junkies and now he is schizophrenic". Zwala broke after completing the statement. Immediately, Gabriel moved to Zwala's side and calmed him by fondling his back. The man's crying would have broken every stereotype about men even before a war criminal. "Men do cry. And, we can help your son. Tell me everything, Zwala. Tell me everything" Gabriel pleaded and gave Zwala a safe space. "Sir, weed does not make you schizophrenic. Why my son, sir?" he asked. Gabriel did cite some examples of Cannabis psychosis before the man and Zwala listened attentively. He was able to calm Zwala down to an extent. As the conversation ended, Zwala said how the department heard of Gabriel's smartness in the manhunt of Jaan Patnaik and his liberal nature. Gabriel, a narcissist welcomed the appreciation. Suddenly, something struck Gabriel. The case files came to his mind and he found a pattern in the teen violence- the pattern of fearlessness. Gabriel asked Zwala to accompany him back to the headquarters. "All these crimes of stealing and assaults have happened in broad daylight, right before active citizens. Eyewitnesses have claimed the absence of fear in the assailants and have linked enjoyment with destruction on the assailants' part. Unluckily, we have a few murders" Gabriel said. Zwala asked if Gabriel was talking of any theory. "Yes! The grandma murder and the four rape-murders have found the acquitted intoxicated with glue. And the ones acquitted with stealing and relentless thrashing have not been fully investigated. But, they seemed delusional according to the reports". Zwala came out with a revelation at that point saying "I was the direct in-charge of the Grandma murder. The killer too claimed of smoking weed at that time and we hushed him off". Gabriel seemed to find the lead he needed. "Bring those junkies out here. I promise nobody will know of your son". Zwala would have hesitated if it were some other chief but Gabriel's approach was affirmative to him. 

Three boys namely Lin, Tsering, and Azgar were brought to the biggest lockup of the headquarter. Their eyes were red and hair all emo styled. They did not look like junkies as the clothes were all pressed. They wore beautiful long sleeve vest and had the characteristic physique of KOham people. To Gabriel, they were full of potential. He wanted them to be doing Aikido or Judo rather than smoking stuff. Gabriel did not immediately enter the room but rather observed them from a distance. He saw the ego of teenagers flowing heavily in their veins. They seemed to not care about being in the police headquarters. But, one among them did frown all the time. Gabriel entered the lockup and the boys stared right into his eyes. It was him, Zwala, and two strong haveldars in the room then. "You guys are merely adults and you have a wonderful physique for your age, I must say" Gabriel started conversing. "Cut the crap" Tsering interfered in a very conceitful manner. Zwala was about to pat his head from behind but Gabriel gestured him not to. "Ah!! Millennial, Aye?" Gabriel said with a laugh. "My words are not crap but yours soon will be if you do not stop smoking," Gabriel said very casually. The boys giggled within except for Lin. Lin looked a bit terrified, unlike his buddies. "Let me narrate you a story" Gabriel responded to the boys' silence. "I too used to smoke weed day in and day out. Nothing happened and all of it seemed okay until one day. I started getting seizures, saw my lover's teeth coming out of her mouth and a Wendigo chased me". "Cut the crap. Weed does not do that" Tsering interfered yet again. "It does, to some people. It might do to you and it will do to you because your stuff is not just weed. Is it?" Gabriel said with an extra touch of self confidence. As the words of Gabriel progressed, no difference did it make to the boys but Lin. Lin was sweating and somehow controlling something within him. The boys said nothing again and Gabriel knew they would not. However, Gabriel's eyes caught the unusual in the group. He let the boys go without any further interrogation. 

"That guy, Lin knows everything. Keep your eyes on him for twenty-four hours and report me at every possible interval. I want to know all the three W's regarding him. Is that clear?" Gabriel said before a team of four assisted by Zwala. They responded with a big thud on the floor "YES SIR!". "Disperse," said Gabriel.


Gabriel sat with his mother as he munched on the tasty elephant apple fish curry prepared by his mother. He discussed the case of the three boys with his ex-government employee mother. His mother asked him to avail the taste of every bite first before discussing and he followed the advice. His taste buds and brain were in sync after finishing the dish.Gabriel and his mother talked for hours after the dinner while watching his mother's favorite daily soap. Gabriel declared that hour his guilty pleasure. The clock struck at ten when Gabriel's phone rung repeatedly. Excusing himself, Gabriel went on to grab the call. "Good evening, Zwala. I hope you have some good news". "Firstly Sir, Thank you. I have consulted a psychologist for my son and he says my son will be okay" Zwala responded. A smiling Gabriel appreciated and urged him to speak of Lin. "They all met at the lighthouse but did not start smoking until another guy came up. He looked far bigger than the three. The guy had beard like the Christian Messiah and was a fat, middle aged guy. I have had him clicked". "Supplier?" Gabriel questioned. "Yes Yes!. They beat Lin very badly after smoking. He was bleeding profusely". Gabriel listened to everything and lauded the investigation. He spread the photo in every official chat group for identification and verification. The luna faded gradually to bring in the sun.

Gabriel's second day at the profession began very normally and no identification of the man took place till then. Gabriel was intensely worried for Lin and if any more victim the unidentified stuff had. He was blacklisting certain people from the many files when a policewoman came to meet him. She did not waste any time providing an introduction but rather showed him the photo that was circulated. "Sir, this guy is back in town and our teenagers are going mad. I am not surprised by it" the woman said in a serious tone. Gabriel rolled his eyes sideways and asked her to fill him in. "He is Handi, Sir. We are from the same school batch. He was a transfer student, disturbing. His thirst for girls and intoxication was so intense back then. He would molest and steal and disturb the harmony of our beautiful district back then. So, the school expelled him back then and he promised to return. I bet he must have had joined some gang to quench all this thirst" Gabriel listened attentively and asked "So, he is avenging now? Does he have any police case against him?" Gabriel questioned. The woman hung her head in despair. 


"All the acts of violence by Koham's teens have another pattern. Sorry, I missed it yesterday. The rapes and stealing except the grandma murders were all committed by teens from outside here. Even the guys yesterday live in some PG and the landlord does not even stay in the house. So, the stuff is being spread among the outsiders so that there is no interference. And Handi meets them in the lighthouse" Gabriel announced aloud before a team of officers, Zwala followed up Gabriel's words "We will follow him to his address and take the next steps for a warrant. Chief says we need to be very professional as we are dealing with juveniles. We will go by the book. Is that understood?". "Yes Sir!", the team responded.

An array of policemen followed up Handi's movements to trace his location unsurprisingly to a PG. The landlord lived in the northern part of the country and only servants were present in the three-floored building. The address was delivered to Gabriel and he let the whole police force of Koham know it immediately. Reports said Gabriel of three twelfth graders from outside Koham living along. They would come out to buy cigarettes, cokes, chicken, fluids, rods, sticks, and plastics repeatedly. Gabriel wanted Handi to suffer appropriately if he was behind all this and thus did not even knock until a reason for the warrant. Time flew by for Gabriel and his team. It was twilight when a member from the hotline suddenly approached Gabriel with fear intact in his eyes. Gabriel sensed it undoubtedly and made him sit along. "Chief! A few days ago, we got a call from a female voice saying she is trapped" the hotline member began stammering as he said. "What's the matter? What's the matter?" Gabriel asked in a very concerned tone. "The ph.." the hotline member stopped. "Hey! Speak up! What? What next?" Gabriel asked again, this time in a scorched tone. The hotline member spoke out "The phone suddenly got cut and someone was shouting Handi deo (brother). When I redialed, I was told by a male voice that it was a prank and I did not follow up". Haunting memories dug deep and dormant in Gabriel's life reappeared in his mind. Adolescence's all negative vibes gave him seizure and he yet again heard the dormant voices of his dead sister. The hotline member could see Gabriel shaking. He himself froze seeing the chief. Gabriel spoke up in the fastest pace to avoid a panic attack "Get a record of that distress call immediately and ask Zwala to form a team of two police cars. Disperse!" Gabriel shouted at the hotline member. As he left, Gabriel himself went to the washroom and drenched himself in water and slowly soothed his mind down. He knew the significance of the present was far more than the past. He remembered the face of his mother precious and his highly successful training days to calm and compose. He did not know if it worked but he could act normal then.


The team knew that someone has lost her hopes inside that three-floored building and Gabriel has promised his dead sister to end that very despair. The team had the warrant but they cared for the safety of the possible victim. Gabriel wanted things to be smooth and risk-free. Twilight evaded and nightfall came by then. The team noticed activity constantly on the second floor. Gabriel was dressed in a maroon jacket with a white shirt within it. The team had set the parameter very close to the house and camouflaged themselves with the darkness of nature. Gabriel planned to bring all the junkies and Handi to the ground floor and then send a distress signal to Zwala via phone. They had fit Koham policemen ready to enter the room by breaking the windows immediately on receiving the distress signal. 

Gabriel calmly knocked on the door to no response. He had to bang it after all. A tall guy opened the door. Dressed in boxers and with a cigar on his mouth, his fists were swelling. He was immediately angry with the unexpected visitor but Gabriel too entered the house as if he owned it. "Where the heck are you penetrating into, you think? Haa?" the boy said. Gabriel showed him a full pack of currency and said "I need the stuff. Call your men". The boy laughed out loud and said: "Faggot, give me the money and take a dump in your home". Gabriel turned to the already intoxicated teenager. He could smell glue all over the place. "Bitch! I am Handi's customer. I will penetrate deep inside you. Ask him to bring the stuff and your friends. This money, I want you all to share it. Handi will gulp this all alone if all of you are not present" Gabriel said in the accent of the teenage hooligans. The teenage boy had no reason to not believe him and he went upstairs. Gabriel was ready with his phone and patiently waited. They all came one by one led by Handi and Gabriel gave the distress signal. Windows broke all at once as about ten police team members spawned out of nowhere. All the hooligans inside were either wearing boxers or had towels wrapped. Their towels fell down and they could not interpret anything at all. The policemen got them down on their very knees. Gabriel and two of the police team members were on the second floor. A girl laid on the floor all naked. She had her mouth shut with lingerie and her school bag and uniformly laid near to her. Sperm was flowing in abundance from her vagina and bruises covered her face. Trauma could be seen deep inside her. A rod lied very close to her vagina as if it was to be inserted next. Zwala went to her and realized that the innocent girl was alive owing to the Almighty's grace. The room had chicken skewers, packets, and bottles of beer all over the floor. A few vibrators were vibrating in the bean bags and famous posters of adult performers laid here and there. "The girl is alive...The girl is alive" Everyone cheered and women police officers covered the poor girl in clothes. The team did find the strongest glue of the country in the bathroom and terrace being mixed with weed. Everything happened inside that house with only dim lights to increase the intoxication. Gabriel was not terrified this time of the adolescence's filthy and scary side this time as his alertness saved a soul. He made up his mind to enlist all the buyers and send them for rehabilitation except for the rapists and murderers. 


The next night the whole team accumulated in Gabriel's house and there were tribal songs saluting the alertness of Gabriel. Gabriel, a narcissist welcomed them and the media's attention too. Doctors said that the girl would recover from the injuries suffered. She was hailed as a brave girl and Gabriel was due to meet her the next day. Her name was Junki and she was not from Koham. The perpetrators were school-going teenagers except for Handi and one of his friends. Handi and his friend watched Junki whenever the others went to school. She was kidnapped a week ago and brutalized from day one. Koham was once again a peaceful district. Gabriel was having his dessert alongside his team when a constable said that someone asked for Gabriel. Gabriel took the call and on the other end, the voice said " Hey! Heard you avenged your sister. Proud of you, boy". The phone fell from Gabriel's trembling hand as Jaan Patnaik contacted him after six months.

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