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maruf hasan

Abstract Classics Inspirational



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“I do not have time to care about Muhammad and his pseudo-God. I urge to be a writer” said I.

“Why do you have to quit your religion to be a writer?” said David

“I do not know” I paused for few seconds and uttered, “When a bird flies in the sky and observes the entire area, the bird does not fly forever. To be a writer you must be like the bird for short term even if people give you different names”.

“That means you want to write something that you think as neutral , but no view is neutral in this world, and you do know that morality itself is relative.Then, why do you justify your stance as correct?”

“To be a writer, you must keep changing your stance like a school debater in post-modern world and try to find the most possible truth, even if that’s the greatest lie.I urge to be a writer even if I need to spend my entire life in street. I prefer to destroy my life and career for writing than being stuck with same job for years. Life is once I will end up my life for no reason like other writers even if I will have nothing. I wish I were bastard and nobody knew me.I prefer to walk alone with no responsibility towards anyone. To be a writer, I prefer to walk in the street, read, observe, understand and write.Thats all I want even if all are full of lies and waste of time. ”

“What is the point then if that’s lie? “David asked.

“No point, but that’s how world works now. The human world is based on lies, hypocricy and truth, but no matter what is this, our universe will still move on. Universe simply does not care anyone existence. I am just an tiny part in the universe. My time and life has no value at all for the universe.I prefer to walk in the street till I am alive. Street life is the best life for me.”

“What about the concept of God, angel, Soul, Ghost in religious scriptures?”

“Good hypothesis does not belong to proven fact even if that’s look ultimate truth”

“Then why should we follow religion ?”

“Well, lets think in different way now. You do not try to intervene God when you are in science laboratory. Why not you think in same way when you urge to be a writer? In other words, you left religion aside and speak whatever you want and say sorry to your pseudo-God later as he has given you option of forgiveness”

“You are talking like stupid...Noncence”

David face turned into red but slowly he became calm and said again politely, “Give me your definition of writer please”



“ open your pant in front of millions of people”

“But people will think you are doing this for money”

“Money is God and everyone worships it like other animals do for their food. Go to zoo and observe morning time when zooman gives food to deers and other animals. They run for food crazily”

“What do you mean?”

“Society is money driven. Every single of us is worshiping money more than we do in pseudo-God of Abraham.”

“I am still confused” said David

“Well, how long you work in restaurant everyday?”

“12 hours”

“Do you follow every instruction that your owner asked you to do?”

“Yes. I am bound to do. In fact, I will be kicked out from job if I do not listen to them”

“Why do you follow like Dog?”

“Because I need money and if I do not listen like Dog, I will lose my job immediately the end of the day, my pocket will be empty”

“ Do they use non-religious word or non-ethical words and you listen silently weather you have mistakes or not? Like the word FUCK, ASSHOLE, ”

“Yes. I do need to listen those words almost everyday weather I do mistakes or not”

“Do you follow your pseudo-God’s instruction like you do in restaurant when your owner asked you to do?”

“No...I do not do ”

“How long do you worship your pseudo-God in a day compared to MoneyGod?”

“Not even an hour a day. In fact, I do not pray as instructed by my God”

“How do you define you as Jews, Christian or Muslim then?”

“You are worshipping your pseudo-God and money at the same time. In other words, you are associating partner with your God”

“You are giving misinterpretation I guess” said David


“ Well, lets talk about English word GOD” said I.

“In fact, do you know if you read God from last word”

“Yes...that is D O G” mentioned David

“But your pseudo-God is not a Dog rather you treat your God like worst than Dog and DOG IS YOU who are listening 12 hours for money to your boss at your restaurant work. So, we can put like this. Number one Money is God.Two, you are a DOG and number three is you treat your pseudo-God worst than Dog.”

“But I never treated God like this. I think your thought is wrong. Why are you saying like that?”

“Perhaps my thought is wrong but to get that answer you need to go to religious institutions and any normal institutions and observe their behaviour. They are jews, Christian, Hindu, Muslim by their name, but they will treat you as if you no human”

“All you have to say and act saying I have no money and I need this help”

“These people do worship Money more than you do at your restaurant”

“Majority of people are bad but there are few people who are good also.Then, why are you generalize all of them in together?” said David.

“representation no longer exists like past time. This century is all about mass.People blame you for what another white, black, asian did”

“In fact, we all are fuckers and we love fucking so much more than anything else in the world”

“Why do you suppress your sexuality?”

“Because religion says so

Because society says so

Because morality says so” shouted David

“All you are saying is bullshit” said I

“What do you mean?”

“Weather you are an atheist or thiest, you can not have sex as you urge due to time and money”


“Well, you and me are working in restaurant for 12 hours. Can you have sex in these 12 hours or can you even talk about the issue that you love most ?”

“Not at all”

“When you get one day off everyweek, can we go to prostitute every week?”

“No..I do not have enough money to spend for that every week because I need to spend for some other issues that I need to solve. But why are you comparing with our work example? “said David

“Majority of people in society are stuck like us and that’s reality now”

“What about girls? “asked David

“Same thing goes with girls”

“What do you mean?”

“ Money driven society”

“Perhaps, you are right because I saw one girl .She used to sleep with different boys whenever she had off day. Her concern was to send money to her family.” Told David

“Everything revolves around money directly or indirectly. We all are tied with our pseudo-fate that we do not have much options to do. Our free will is limited no matter which position we hold”

“Today I think our discussion is enough. Lets go to night club.”

“No, I am going to meet one girl tonight at her house”

“Did she call you?”

“No..I texted her first and she said she is bored alone. She has a job and an apartment but no dick”David smiled.

“Great...Go ahead “smiled I

“I need to go to prostitute perhaps when I will have money”



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