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Dr. Nitya -V

Dr. Nitya -V

6 mins

Flight landed at Shrinagar Army station within 50 minutes time. It was sunrise time, everything around was so beautiful but today the Doctors didn't come here to look for a beauty around.

 They had their duty in mind. Who knows how many soldiers got injured and how many require emergency operations ???? 

As soon as the flight landed an Army vehicle which was standing ready there took the doctors team and captains to the Army hospital there. Other doctors were already attending the serious patients for their wounds and injuries. 

surgeons had started operating soldiers to take out the bullets from their body. Some soldiers were still brought to the hospital from the place where the terrorist attack happened. 

Dr. Nitya, Chaitanya and Varun were already in uniform and got ready with gloves in hands. The chief medical officer and senior doctors were giving instructions to them and other local hospital doctors , on their duties. All started their work accordingly.

Dr. Nitya was in operation theatre and was attending one emergency operation which lasted about an hour. She was quite expert surgeon and she did her job well. 

Dr. Varun and Dr. Chaitanya were checking few patients and accordingly instructing junior doctors to start treatment. 

Mostly all soldiers, including Captains and Majors who were part of fight with terrorist were now attended by doctors few operations were pending for next day. 

It was decided that Dr Nitya, Chaitanya and Varun will stay there for five days or till the situation is under control and patients who were operated will be in better position. 

Whole day doctors team was just on tea, coffee and juice as they didn't get time for lunch. So in the evening they got time to have some food. Dr Chaitanya ask Dr Nitya if she is ok. 

Late night they all went to their rest room for sleep which was very much required for all doctors as next day again they had to do some surgeries.

Next day morning Dr. Varun got ready and went for a round in surgical wards to check the condition of soldiers who were operated yesterday. Dr Nitya and Dr Chaitanya still had time to go for hospital to operate two soldiers who were under observation yesterday due to fluctuation in their blood pressure.

So Dr. Chaitanya went to dr Nitya's room and knock the door so she was just getting ready so she said, " please wait a minute. " then she come and open the door. It was expected that it is him only. 

Dr. Chaitanya was looking quite fresh and was in a good mood. " Good morning Dr. Nits.can we have coffee and breakfast together ? I just came to ask you if you are ready. " She laugh with surprise on his saying Dr. Nits and says, " ya I am almost ready. Let us go to canteen and see what is there for breakfast today. " 

Both go and order for two cup coffee and snacks. Dr. Chaitanya salute dr Nitya saying, " now I have become your fan. You were so cool and with such efficiently and with ease you handled this emergency situation and surgeries, though it was a team work but still I admire you for that. I have seen a new Nitya here. " So Dr. Nitya says, " thank you Dr. Chaitanya, the same goes for you too. I too admire you. " 

And one thing I have realised that only we can understand each other well as we belong to Army and same profession. What if I marry a person from other profession and other field, will he be able to understand my passion, my dedication and my timings and such emergency situations ???? 

You know I never had thought on all these things in detail but now after last few years of experience especially after getting transferred to delhi I have realised that before joining army I never knew so many things about this profession and how our seniors must have managed their married life and professional life ??? and still have achieved good ranks and positions. Hats off to them !!

Both come back to rooms, take their bags and walk through along towards hospital. First they take a round and go and see the patients whom they treated and operated yesterday and enquire about their health. Dr. Varun and other doctors from local hospital were already on duty.

As per the schedule Dr Nitya's team and Dr. Chaitanya' s team finish the surgeries of soldiers. Almost all soldiers who were a part of that operation of terrorist attack fight were now hospitalized and under best of the treatment and under observation and have started recovering now.

All the three doctors from Delhi were told to stay back to Srinagar for next four days. In the evening doctors return to their rest room. Nitya's mother was worried about her so once the duty is over she had instruction to call her mother, which she does.

At dinner doctors meet in the hospital canteen, few other doctors also join this trio at the dinner table. They get introduced and have chat, few of them exchange their contact numbers, and return to their rest rooms.

Dr. Nitya and Dr Chaitanya go to hospital and enquire about the soldiers who were in surgical wards. They talk with nurses there and instruct them about their medicines and other care that was required.

While coming back they decide that next day they will get up early morning and go for morning walk, that way they will see the natural beauty of Jammu Kashmir. So accordingly they inform Dr. Varun too.

Next three days they spend some good time also alongwith their duties. One day morning Dr. Varun tell them that he is expecting a call from his wife so he said I will join you later. Dr. Nitya and Dr Chaitanya get to walk together in such beautiful weather and climate there with greenery all around. They click few pictures for their memories.

While returning back from walk Nitya talk about her going to Trivendram after one week. As she had got 15 days leave and adjacent Sunday holidays so almost for 16-17 days she was going to spend at her hometown with her parents.

 She says, " good that my reservation is already confirmed. So after going back I have to finish my incomplete work there in delhi, have to do some shopping, pack my bags and get ready for the travel. " 

Chaitanya was thinking about something so don't respond to her. Dr. Nitya ask Dr Chaitanya, " hey, what happened, you are not talking. " So he says, " how lucky you are, you will meet your parents, will spend good time there. Who knows you may search and find your life partner. And I will miss you and my parents and younger sister. " 

So Dr. Nitya promise Dr. Chaitanya that she will call him everyday from there and so he will not miss her and as such after she come back from leave it was Dr. Chaitanya's turn to go back to his hometown. 

Dr. Varun is seen coming. He says," sorry guys I got late. Three of them come back and get ready for their hospital duty. 

After two days they were told to be ready at 4:30 pm as the Army flight was going to take them back to delhi, like how they came. They see off all their senior and junior doctors, nurses and most importantly their brave soldiers. All of them convey thanks and gratitude for their timely help and co-operation.The trio return to Delhi and back on their regular duties from next day morning. 


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