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Sharama Saayli Giri

Drama Romance


Sharama Saayli Giri

Drama Romance

Shivashakti - Cursed Love Story

Shivashakti - Cursed Love Story

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The story begins in an old and recognized Shiva temple in December 1998. Where a pregnant woman who was going to deliver in March was listening to Shiva story from a priest of Shiva temple.

The pandit continues to tell the story that this Shiv Mandir of kathgarh is one of the very famous temples in. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and Parvati.the temple has a large 'shivalinga' which is divided vertically into two parts.

The biggest portion of the shivalinga is worshipped as Lord Shiva and smaller portion as Parvati. The Shiva linga here is of its own kind not found anywhere in the world.the linga inside the temple is made of wood and it automatically breaks into two pieces and then the two equal pieces are put in the right place and it again retains its original state.

The temple priest was about to tell some another story related to cursed love story but then another pregnant woman comes to the temple. She ever had a baby delivery. The first pregnant women were seemed to be very weird discomfort and happiness.

Both women get restless when they come in front of each other. they told their husbands the sadness of their heart. Husbands tell that this is a common feeling in pregnancy. The bells of the temple begin to ring which shows the time of aarti. The remained stunned by with of the women.

Pandit gives a chunri to the first lady and a rudraksha to second pregnant women. Pandit smiles a little and begins to pray.

After a month, the second pregnant women begin to suffer labor and she gives birth to a baby boy. On the other hand, the first women give birth to a girl in the seventh month of her pregnancy. everything came in the visionary's view of the temple priest and he started singing Shiva's praise in happiness but then suddenly he becomes depressed. The boy was named as Shiva and girl a Shakti. And in this way, a mysterious love story begins.

20 years later, both were in their respective colleges and cities. During these 20 years, both shivashakti have the pain of some strange feeling of separation. Both had their own challenges in their lives. After the death of Shiva's father, her mother started working as a prostitute. While the same, Shakti was worried about the health of her father.

Both decided that at the time of SHIVARATRI they will come to the temple of kathgarh. Both completely unaware of each other stand in a crowd of devotees in the temple. Every side was singing the name of Shiva. Shakti prayed that today at any cost she should be introduced to her life partner.

As soon as the Shakti move forward her heart begins to thrust loudly, a strange restless feeling annoyed her only then shivashakti come face to face with each other.

Both were constantly looking at each other only after a moment both of them get away again in the crowd. Tears come from the eye of Shakti she hides it. Shiva Tell his friends that he feels very strange now. Both started looking at each other at Temple. Suddenly Shakti sees Nandi'idol, she wished in the ear of Nandi to meet Shiva as soon as possible. The priest of 20 years ago who had grown old now tells the Shakti that ' it is not easy to get him '.

Suddenly Shakti sees Shiva, she starts walking behind him then suddenly pandit gives a book to Shakti. Shakti takes the book and runs behind Shiva in haste but by then Shiva has gone from there. Shakti feels a bit different in her heart.

She brings the book home and ignores it. She just only remembered shiva while shiva remembers the eyes of Shakti. but suddenly Shiva remembered how his mother left his father and married some another man.

Shiva considers women to be deceptive and he even starts hating Shakti.

After 2 months, fate again played a new game to bring them closer. Their families Think of being shifted to a new city, that Shivashakti once again comes in front of each other.

Shiva felt happy to see Shakti and Shakti felt some kind of shy. Now both were like neighbors in the same house in the same city. They didn't dare to call each other but to secretly see each other... But slowly, they come closer to each other and falls in love with each other.

Shiva's mother began to resort to black forces due to some circumstances she had now become a witch, the mother of shakti's mother knew that Shiva's mother was a witch and a prostitute. Shivashakti had gone crazy in each other's love but both of them knew that their families were different. Shiva's mother was awarded the love of both of them.

Shakti was a holy soul, Shiva's mother could have had an end if shivashakti unites. Shiva's mother performed black magic on Shakti, but she saved because of Shiva's love with Shakti. Shiva's mother now threw her net of boldness on Shakti's father, but the strength of the power of love also fails her trick.

One night Shiva sees a strange dream in which he sees shakti going away from him. As soon as he gets up in the morning, he waits for Shakti to come. Seeing Shiva, Shakti comes into worries. He tells Shakti to get married in the temple in the evening. They both keep watching each other and then Shakti approved the marriage proposal of Shiva. Shiva's mother knew that her end was close.

In the evening, Shakti goes to the temple and waits for Shiva. When Shiva didn't come Shakti goes back home to see if something wrong happened to him. Then suddenly a vision comes in front of the eyes of Shakti that Shiva is leaving the house. She runs towards the house without further delay and sees that Shiva and his family were already left.

Shakti feels shocked and she was shocked that why Shiva didn't talk her once about his compulsion. Shiva went to a new house in the same city he started hating her. One day he tells a friend of Shakti that he is leaving the city.

Shakti tried to stop him like crazy but Shiva looked at Shakti with hatred and starts leaving without any saying. Shakti tried to stop him from behind the car but Shiva goes away. She went to Shiva temple and asked questions from shivji, after seeing the book of shiv Chalisa she remembered a book given by pandit to her. She goes to the house and looks for the book, as soon as the Shakti touched the book it starts to shine. When she opens the book, only black paper are there, nothing was written there. Shakti went to the priest and on asking, pandit tells her that the book is a sacred book which can be read only through the power of love. Shakti starts to cry and she opens the book. She didn't understand anything, then pandit tells her that ' the story in this book is not of anyone but both of you, the tour's thousands of years ago past life. In ancient time both of you were the devotees of Lord Mahadev. At that time he didn't know you nor you did. One day Mahadev declares both of you two as spouses of each other because you were very close to the heart of Mahadev. At that time you questioned the decision of Mahadev and call it wrong. As soon this emerged black energy from your body which went somewhere in the sky.

Nandi considered your's disregard of the command of his beloved Lord as his insult. He cursed you that from now on every birth you will be for each other but both of you will never be able to meet. And if you want to go to someone else by mistake or not then you will die and it will continue to every born until you both are not one. in every birth, you can only remember the birth of your past life only ones. After the curse of Nandi, in the past life, you were born in India's independent period. Shiva was an Indian freedom fighter and you were English women. You both fell in love with others but even in that birth also you got separated because of your family objection and due to circumstances of that period."

Shakti remembers her past birth and she cried whether every birth will they remain separated, is there no solution? " My soul decided to take birth in the Seven month of being in mother's womb as Shiva was born " Pandit continued the story ' that Nandi saw Shiva's face and gave him a boon that as long as he wouldn't love you by himself, he wouldn't come you himself until then not a single power will reunite you. And the black energy at the time went into the air is completing the curse. Shiva's mother and every difficulty that comes in your love is the result of the same black energy. It can take the form of anyone and can subdue anyone. The day when you were waiting for him in the temple he didn't come because on that day Shiva's mother created a pretense in front of Shiva in which you were with one of Shiva's close friend you betrayed him and insulted him so badly. After this, his mother took control of Shiva's mind.'

Shakti cried from the depth of her heart, pandit comforts her and encouraged her to fight for her love because Shiva still loves her from her heart. And one day he will surely understand the call of love.

she wiped her eyes and thanks to pandit suddenly a question comes in her mind that how pandit know all of this?

She turned back and see that pandit merged into the idol of Nandi as he was non-other than the embodiment of Nandi. Who came to show a path to her. Shakti worship in the temple and thinks how she will do all this? She tried to find shiva and persuade him a lot but he didn't listen to Shakti. She even tried to jealous him but it didn't effect Shiva yet. In the end, Shakti starts to recite in every holy place and in temples in addition, very holy and positive energy was produced within her. This energy also emerges from the body of shakti and lost somewhere in the air. By reciting a prayer she left the city.

The positive energy started to revolve around Shiva it breaks the power of Shiva's mother black magic and also makes his mother a holy by free herself from the influence of black energy. He started remembering the love days he spent with Shakti. He went back to the same city and started looking for shakti but he couldn't find her anywhere.

Shakti felt some strange vibes she cames back to the city even though both were not able to found each other. The black energy takes control of the mind of her family. They fix her marriage with someone else.

Shakti became very weak and by seeing all paths were closed she once again goes to the temple. Where she met Shiva again. Shivashakti weeping at each other. Then the black energy takes the form of her finance and takes her away. Shakti goes from there that is when Shiva looked at the book left by her near the shivalinga. Shiva came to everything and also that Shakti didn't have much time left. If they unable to unite this time again all start itself again.

Shiva wents to her house to find her but her family made an objection. while the same time black energy tries to kill Shakti and Shakti run towards the temple to save her life.

Shiva feels scared that it may not be too late. The positive energy refers Shiva to go towards the temple. On the other hand, Shakti was able to reach the temple and the positive energy of the temple save her from the black energy. As soon Shiva reaches the temple he hugged her so tightly. But with the sharp bole of wind, the feet of shakti sleeps and she falls outside the temple.

The time when black energy starts to attack shakti, positive energy take the form of red sindoor shiva throws sindoor on Shiva. In a moment, black energy was destroyed, along with shivashakti becomes one and their curse was broken now.

Then Nandi comes in the form of pandit he gives his blessings to them and told them that the black energy is not anybody else but the bad habits, jealousy, suspicion, etc inside the person. and positive energy is a form of love, devotion, asceticism, and trust. As long as Men is filled with the black energy he always will be far from his love. Pandit told them the secret if temple " today is Mahashivratri night, the night of the marriage of Shiva-Shakti. And both of you are married on the auspicious night of today.

Nobody knows the secret of this temple that this Shivalinga is not any other but it is that energy pillar which generated between Bramha and Vishnu during their debate of 'who is more powerful?' there is no end to this pillar today it is popular by the name of Shivalinga of kathgarh temple. This is unique in its own.

There is no one else reunite you but the Lord Mahadev, energy. As but we think good or positive and negative we always send this into the form of vibes to the universe which results as a form of energies. Har - Har Mahadev" simultaneously, both worshipped shivashakti and lived their lives happily.

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