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Sharama Saayli Giri

Drama Tragedy


Sharama Saayli Giri

Drama Tragedy

OK! (Pain Of A Woman)

OK! (Pain Of A Woman)

3 mins 175 3 mins 175

Sunita was seventeen and like every teenager she also had a rebel in her blood. An innocent but charming in nature she had so much of thoughts and questions which were needed to be answered but being a daughter in an Indian society was a curse for her.

Sunita was the only sister of 2 brothers and only daughter of whole lineage. But instead of being loved she was forced to realise that she is a girl and girls have no right to express, live their life.

Her brothers were in their 25 but Sunita was forced by family for early marriage with a 30 year old man. She refused first but its her destiny or whatever she was threatened and forcefully married.

She had a chance to oppose but seeing her parent's face, made her to be OK with the situation. On her first wedding night, she was not ready to make a physical connection with some old random person whom she married forcefully. She requested some time with her husband but her husband instead of understanding her, forcefully raped her and named it as right of husband over a wife's body.

She was forced to get pregnant at the age of 18 and she gave birth to twin babies. a girl and a son. She had so much of dreams in her eyes but she was just now OK with it. She was beaten by her husband everytime and forced to satisfy her husband.

But whenever she saw her babies faces she was again forced to be Ok with it.

Everytime she just gets angry with her parents in her heart but then she feels sorry for her soul to be born as a girl. she raised her both twin babies well.

Her husband started to take interest in some other women, she opposed It but her voice was never heard and once again she was just OK with this because of her parents, respect, her children, and most importantly she was born as a girl which was the worst crime of every soul ever.

She was so tired with all of these all she wanted to do end her life but what about her children they were innocent.

Time passed, she grew old and her children now blamed her that she chose such a jerk for her life partner, she was blamed by her parents not to be a good daughter, she was blamed by her husband that if she ever satisfied him with whole heart he never would have chased some other women.

In her husband's last days, she whole heartedly did whatever was possible. She fasted so many days just for his health and when he died again she was blamed that it was all her fault, she didn't let her husband live peacefully.

She was still OK with all this but when her daughter leaves her for a random guy she half died that day but her son was with her so she was still OK with this but one day a random girl chased her son and without a second thought she lost her son too.

In the name of her grandchildren, she was treated like a trash. And one day, inspite of all this, her own children left her all alone. She roamed alone on the railway lines, she just felt like why and for whom she was OK while all her sacrifices and love ended like this. ...

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