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Pari Raka

Classics Inspirational Abstract

Annie : The Basketball Player

Annie : The Basketball Player

6 mins

She sat there in the hospital bed tears swelling from her eyes. She couldn't believe this. But she had to face the reality her dream was never going to come true.

 3h ago

Annie a 15-year-old girl whose dream was to be the best basketball player was heading out to practice at 7:00am .she was a self assured girl with a lot of determination, positivity and was never afraid to take up stand for herself.She was also the captain of her basketball team and was a born leader.

As she was crossing the road a car suddenly came in full speed Annie was so shocked that she could only take one step backward as the car hit her and she fainted. when she woke up she found herself in the hospital bed. Her body was aching very badly and there many bruises and cuts. She then recalled the incident that had taken place.

Suddenly her parents burst in through the door in which she was kept. Her parents face clearly said they were very distressed and when they came near Annie and saw how hurt Annie was her mother started crying. Her father tried to comfort her mother but she couldn't calm down.

Annie noticed that there was also a third person who had entered the room which was the doctor. Annie sat up in the bed with a lot of effort and said "mom dad". Her parents hadn't noticed that she was awake and were surprised they quickly sat next to her and hugged her. "Oh dear is it hurting a lot" her mother asked shakily. Annie didn't have the energy to reply so she nodded yes.

The doctor who was seeing all this said it was a real bad accident it is by God's grace she is alive today. Her mother sobbed again. Annie spoke with all her energy " When will I be able to play basketball again". The doctor gave her a sad smile and said "probably never again".

Annie sat there in the hospital bed tears swelling from her eyes. she couldn't believe this. But she had to face the reality her dream was never going to come true.

After a week she was dispersed from the hospital. The week had been very rough for her as there was a lot of pain and of course she couldn't bear the idea of not being able to playing basketball again.but as she was a courageous girl she didn't give up. Her leg had been hurt very badly so she started doing simple leg exercises. Her parents really liked and Annie determination and motivated her by saying "it's never to late to work hard". But Annie's enemy team's captain Stina was a very rude girl she didn't like Annie at all as people liked Annie a lot and not her and also as Annie's team always beat Stina's team so this was a chance to finally beat Annie's team as Annie was no longer a team captain.

But this wasn't enough for Stina so she used always made fun of Annie for doing simple leg excercises. And this wasn't all people treated Annie specially and said "poor you". Annie didn't like this at all but this is what she used to motivate herself. She was going to prove that she could be a basketball player .

After 1 and a half year she was able to play basketball again not as good as she used to but still she was also able to join the team not as a captain but as a player. Her captain was also very encouraging. Stina on the other hand was furious she didn't like that Annie was back on the team so next time when Annie was walking to her practice she stopped her and said "I see back on the team but get ready to lose as my team has prepared very hard for this match anyway you are useless to your team you can't even run properly the only reason you were chosen was because the team captain felt pity for you".Annie had always thought that this was the reason but she had pushed this worry at the back of the mind but Stina saying this made any wonder if all people thought the same.

The day came it was Annie's first match after the accident she was nervous, excited, proud, and happy so basically she was overwhelmed with emotions.

The match started Stina was right her team had prepared very hard and they were almost as good as them. Annie tried to get the ball but she couldn't finally she got the ball at the end when it was the tie she had to shoot from the three-pointer and if she missed it they would lose the match but Annie was confident she could do it as she used to be the best three pointer shooter before the accident as she was aiming the ball Stina shouted "You will never be able to play basketball again and Annie's all worries hit her and Because of that she missed the shoot Stina quickly took the rebound and ran to the other side to shoot and alas the shoot went just as the time was up Stina's team had won because of Annie. Her team members tried to cheer Annie up but she could tell even they we're angry at her.

She went home with her parents her parents tried comforting Annie saying it was just one shoot but she couldn't cheer up that one shoot had caused them to lose.

The next day she had a appointment with the doctor as the doctor did her leg check up he said "your leg has improved a lot and I heard you are back on the team". "Well I thought I could play but seems like you were right I can't play basketball" Annie mumbled. "But you can I was wrong I didn't even think you could walk properly but you proved me wrong" the doctor replied.

Annie's face twitched into a half smile she said "But yesterday in the match the team lost because of me I think I should quit". "What!" the doctor exclaimed you have worked so hard and of course it didn't go in vain look how you started from scratch and now you are able to play basketball again". Annie was about to tell that she couldn't play but the doctor cut her off "And don't even tell me that you can't play I would recommend if you just believe in yourself"

Annie had finished the appointment and was back home thinking about what the doctor had said and decided to try the advice. She could play basketball as good as anyone on their team. After a month Annie had another match and she was determined to win it no matter how many times Stina teased her about the previous match Annie didn't pay any attention.

As the day came and the match started Annie stole the ball two times and shooted three shoots and then it was a tie 10 seconds were left and Annie had the ball. Could she shoot it? She focused hard and could hear Stina screaming something but she didn't pay any attention she aimed the ball and released the ball the five seconds felt like five hours and then the shoot finally went. Her teammates jumped with joy and so did Annie she saw her parents screaming hooray and this time she knew that she had overcome the obstacle and had passed the test 1 of life.

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