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Baishakhi Biswas Debnath

Abstract Drama Classics


Baishakhi Biswas Debnath

Abstract Drama Classics

You Are Stuck On The Lips

You Are Stuck On The Lips

6 mins

You are on my lips and cheeks in my eyes !! - Why put your face? I couldn't even drink bottled water properly. Hearing Nishi's words, the water got stuck in the middle of the road. According to which I lowered the water down my throat and said - what? I do not understand exactly what to say! Nishi said - Why did you put your mouth on the bottle? How do I drink water now? I fell from the sky when I heard Nishi's words. What does this girl say? What happened to the face? I said - it is not possible to drink water from the moving bus. Nishi didn't tell me anything else. I started eating breakfast with a little annoyed face.

I felt bad. I like this girl so much and this girl treated me like that? I said - well sorry. From now on you drink water first. Don't drink water like this time. - No. I will not drink water. I can't drink so much water. I know why I was a little angry. I told Nishi - do not drink water? - No. - Well, I left this bottle of water.

If you don't drink this bottle of water, remember I won't drink a drop of water on the whole tour. I said it quite loudly. He also had girlfriends around him. I saw some people smiling. But no one said anything. I just sat there upset. I am going to the Comilla tour for this girl. And this girl treated me like that ?? A little water !! Everyone in the department knows this very well. Even Nishi himself knows that.

I was a little less interested when the tour was organized. And my body was not very good. But it has to come. The main reason for coming was Nishi. The friends assured me that they would make arrangements so that Nishi could sit next to me while coming and going. It was enough for me to have Nishi sitting next to me the whole time. Honestly, Nishi was sitting next to me. But there was trouble with breakfast and water.

One bottle of water was allotted for each double seat. There was one for me and Nishi too. That's where it stopped! The song started shortly after inside the bus. Everyone is dancing. I also saw Nishi rejoicing with everyone. He drank water from Lily while eating breakfast but did not take it from me. The mood remained bad. I didn't drink water, it didn't matter to him.

Of course, why would it matter? I like him. He doesn't do it anymore !! So say ?? Think about what will happen !! About two hours later we reached Comilla! Our first destination is War Cemetery! After the bus arrived, everyone got down! That's like taking pictures! I sat inside the bus for a while and got off. I know why the cold has increased. Coughing again and again.

And the sore throat is more !! Here we have another point about breakfast. I thought I would not eat anything! Because playing is a problem! Even if you eat, you have to drink water! And I can't drink water for that girl !! But he will eat too! Don't even think about me once. I really got a sore throat while eating breakfast. Even so, the cough seemed to increase. I started coughing a lot. Friend Sumon came forward with water but did not take mango water! Went to the back.

After a while, I calmed down. When I returned Sumon, almost everyone's eyes were on me. Nishi was also looking. Stay tuned !! He was just having fun !! Eat it !! I am someone !! Friends were all taking pictures together. I took pictures of their patience. I also took a group photo of everyone! A few people took pictures with little thought. I was looking at everyone. But the eyes were on Nishi! It was as if I saw an aura in his eyes.

The joy that had been there for so long seemed to have faded a little. He looked at me again and again! At the end of the tour, we set off for Mainamati. Inside the bus, Nishi looked at me and said - why did you do that? - What kind? - Why don't you drink water? - You know very well why didn't you eat? Nishi didn't answer my words anymore. Even after going to Mainamati, we started walking around like that. Everyone started taking pictures. No matter which way everyone goes, I'm next to Nishi!

I'm going where he's going! In the distance, I saw my friend Humayun walking alone. I sat down for a while. It used to be cold but now go out and the fire is burning !! Little did I know that the sun could be so bright in winter. Everyone seemed a little disappointed, but my condition worsened. I can't drink water. Well, I have a bottle of water in my pocket, will I take a sip or not? Looks like no one will see !! But the mind did not agree. After the autopsy, the situation became more debilitating !! I looked around!

To see where the shadows are! But I do not see the name of the shadow Nishana! I saw that excavation work was going on in Mainamati. I looked around. But inside the mind and body did not look good. Nishi saw someone watching me. I stood at the top of Mainamati Bihar and looked at everyone, then I saw Nishi talking to someone on the phone. Despite my best wishes, I did not go to him.

Nishi will come to me. Must come! In fact, I was afraid of lunch! Who knows how I will live without drinking water at that time !! Our food is a little far from Bihar. When it was time to eat, we all started walking towards him. I fell a little behind. I was walking behind everyone. It is very hot outside and he is very thirsty for water.

I have a bottle of water in my pocket but I can't eat at all. Just as I was about to enter the spot, someone grabbed my hand from behind. Let's look at Nishi! - Come here !! With this, he walked away. I started walking behind him! There is a small hill in the distance! Nishi stopped there! He looked at me and said - Please do not create any more scenes while eating! -What do you mean? - I mean, why aren't you drinking water? Let's go !! Nishi then noticed me a little !! I did not say anything!

Nishi said again - why are you silent? Do you drink water? -No! -Please Apu !! Such a boy does not make people! And what will everyone think? I still didn't say anything. I remained silent, did not say anything. Nishio remained silent for a while! Then he said - you are so stubborn! Well, give me a bottle! I looked at Nishi. Then I took the water bottle out of my pocket. This time Nishi drank water in front of me. Did he say to return the bottle - happy this time? Now at least drink water!

I said - you eat with your lips! Nishi did so !! When I took a sip of the bottle, it really felt like I was eating nectar !! Ah !! Aha !! My point: even though it's a story, the pictures are true! I went to Mainamati two days ago. This story is about the pictures there !!...

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