Kumud Ranjan Samad

Abstract Classics Fantasy


Kumud Ranjan Samad

Abstract Classics Fantasy

Beautiful isn't it Afreen?

Beautiful isn't it Afreen?

6 mins

"Can you care to tell me since when did you develop feelings for me?"- she asked.

It was a Saturday evening. Around 4:30 in the evening when I saw her number flashing on my Nokia 3310 with Hosanna playing as the ringtone. Having GPRS supported Nokia Cellphones in those days of 2009 was a sign of a high order for technology freaks. 

"Who told you that?"- I replied in a reflex to hide my nervous voice.

"Your sister, who is also my best friend, Shambhavi!"

Quickly Hiding my Horraaahh face, I pretended to be calm with a hope to know whether if she too had feelings for me, and replied in a manner that could have had gotten me the Best Pretentious Manipulator Award For the Decade.

"So do you really think that my feelings for you are real? Are you sure about your friend that she might be fooling you around? Or maybe trying to tell you that I really do like you?"- I paused after realising what I had just spoken. But to my surprise, that last part went inaudible on her side. Thanks to her father who was honking his Vespa's horn outside the gate.

I was left with ample of time to plan out my escape route just to be on a safer side before she picked up the receiver again. She hadn't cut the call.

"Listen! If you really like me just telll me straight away! Please be serious for a while!"

Sensing the gravity of the situation we were in, I opened up my heart to her. After narrating her the whole story, from the point I saw her name enrolled for the Music Class that was held a couple of months during the summer vacation to that embarrassing time when she spit out the Temptations Rum Raisins 

After handing me over the remaining 3.9/4th chocolate that I had bought for her. Well, that remnant was surely a delicacy for me because it had received the spells of love from her lips. But yes, we both were in love after a couple of weeks!

Getting up at 4 A.M. in the morning became our usual routine because we two had decided to spend some Romeo-Juliet time before our school gate opening time. We two would often sneak in through the Church gate, moving hurriedly through the corridors like Ninjas to avoid getting eyed upon by the Care-takers posted in the premises.

And finally upon reaching our classes, we would pull out our books from our bags, keep them open on the tables to manipulate any teacher or friend just in case they happened to walk in inside the room when we two would be busy comforting each other in our arms.

Those Dopamine spikes that we used to receive would generate enormous amount of energies which usually lasted for a day. And when we craved for those hormonal hits, we would end up making excuses so that our parents could drop us off at school by 5 A.M.

This masterpiece strategy of ours though impeccably brilliant, was short-lived.

After a year and a half, our love was lost when our common best friend, Monika Mazumdar, passed away. Means like getting in a fake relationship and early morning meetups were planned by her just to get me jealous. Though my heart used to shatter when I used to see them in each other arms but i had learned how to put up a fake smile as a defense mechanism just to hide my vulnerable side. 

But all these drama soon came to an end when we both were invited to our classmate's birthday party.

Suruchita, my best pal, especially wanted me to come to her party but after learning that I was ill, she told me to stay at home. Feeling bad that I made my birthday girl sad, I immediately called up my friends to come to pick me up. At first, they too were a bit hesitant to take me with them but after some slangs of no less than 10 words per sentence, they agreed.

After buying presents for our special girl, we left for her place. On the way, I asked my friends- 

"Is Afreen invited?"

"Yes!"- they shouted in unison.

Avoiding my overthinking zone for a while, the doorbell rang after I hid behind the wall adjacent to the door to surprise the birthday girl. 

"KD! You came?"- she exclaimed in excitement and hugged me tightly. Little did I know that I was being watched over by someone who didn't like her hugging me.

"You body is still warm! Idiot!!"- she cried took me to the living room while holding my arms. All my friends were surprised to see me over there since I was absent in school for more than a month due to health reasons.

The cake was cut. Gifts exchanged. Smooth music was on with Lights dimmed and now it was time to dance.

Not knowing which steps to pull, I invited Suruchita for a formal dance who was eagerly waiting to dance with me. With one hand gently holding her hand and the other carefully placed above her hips, we soon became the attractive couple in the room. Girls lined up by my side waiting impatiently for their turn.

But it was Hafsa who danced with me to pass on a message.

"She wants to talk to you!"

As soon as her turn was over, the only girl left to dance with me at last was Afreen. Hesitant to hold her close to me, she came close and held on to me tightly.

"Sorry for everything!"

"What for?!"

"Nothing! How are you doing these days?"

"Same as I always was! Merry and contented with what I have."

"Listen! I'm sorry that I left our relationship, especially you when you needed me the most! I just wanted to get you jealous as measure of revenge from my part.."


"Please let me speak!"

"In that sense, I'm sorry too! I made up that Hugs and that Downpour stuff with aditi. Not with any intention to hurt you. But to get you both back at being friends again!"

"I know! And we're friends again! She narrated me the entire plot of yours!"- she said smiling with tears running down her cheek.

"Then why didn't you tell me after knowing all those?"- I asked with a puzzled expression on my face.

"Can I get a Hug now?"

"Weren't you committed to someone?"- I enquired.

"Arrey I didn't that just to make you jealous. We did Nothing more than pretending and it was damn uncomfortable for me. The stuff we do for love, isn't it?"- She chuckled.

"Now Ramya go to your bed! Your Papa and I are done with today's story!" - Afreen patted her stomach and gently kissed her forehead.

"Good night mom! Good night dad! You two are the best mom and dad in the world!" - She said and fell asleep.

"Beautiful isn't it Afreen?"

"Sshhh! You'll wake her up!"

"Love you Afreen! - I wrote it down on a piece of paper and passed it to her.

" Love you too my sweetheart!"- she said and hugged me to sleep.

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