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The Undertaker: Chapter 7

The Undertaker: Chapter 7

7 mins 174 7 mins 174

Red Flagged

22nd December, Jatayu Forests:

Jaan looked at the unconscious Sengupta. His cheeks were swollen and there was the largest possible hump on his temple. It looked like his nostrils never existed. Mucus flowed down to his lips accompanied by ichor. Jaan thumped his back strongly in the seat he was sitting. He reluctantly remembered his days at the classes of Mathematics. Unlike normal times, tears did not accompany the refractory anger. Jaan leaned close to Sengupta's body. He placed his ears against Sengupta's chest. The heart beat apathetically and Jaan smiled. Victory came to Jaan after years, it seemed. Jaan wanted to perpetuate the process so he dragged the body outside the car. He violently gagged Sengupta along the forest ground stuffed with various thorns, leaves, branches, weed, etc. Jaan adjourned in his mind the task of erasing marks of the gagging and his footsteps. He went deep into the jungle without any trace of fear for the notorious beast. Jaan finally decided to halt at a spot surrounded by large trees and with dusty earth. He kept mum and laid the body down. Quickly, Jaan undressed his victim and wore the shirt and tuxedo. He slowly walked towards the dead body and beat the unconscious body like a maniac with two of his metal rods. Jaan however kept in mind that his victim don't endure the pain and thus did not try to make him conscious. Every round of beating will be proceeded by listening to the heartbeats. Jaan was so delved in the moments of horror that he ended up gouging out the eyes of the victim and damaging his genitalia with acid. Finally, Jaan could not hear heartbeats of his victim and he was on cloud nine after that very moment. He laid alongside the victim and looked into the sky. Jaan breathed long and slow after he realized he had killed a man he loathed with all heart. He felt lighter than ever and his sleep deprivation vanished too. Jaan looked around and could see nobody at the moment except for a timid Dhole progeny. Jaan was elated beyond anything for his satisfaction was accompanied with a dog. Jaan walked gradually towards the Dhole. It would sneak away as Jaan tried to pamper him. Jaan touched his ears softly and fondled his stomach. He knew how much dogs loved being fondled on stomachs. The dhole puppy began to trust the charming stranger. "You are better than him" Jaan said pointing towards Sengupta's body. The hungry dhole looked at the body too. It walked along with Jaan and was drooling over the beautiful breakfast. A pitiful Jaan started liking this new friend and allowed the dhole to feast upon it. Meanwhile, an elated Jaan started searching for shovels to dug up the body. He would supervise the dhole simultaneously. Finally, Jaan did find a sharp pointed giant log. He knew the body won't be dug up proper but he did not mind it. As Jaan went towards the body, his new friend cleared the space deferentially. Jaan engaged in digging the body as much as possible and left the spot after some time. "You need a name. Don't you?" Jaan asked with a serene giggle. "Let us call you Chuck" he laughed loudly after naming his new friend. Both of them melted after meeting each other. It seemed like Jaan's charm completely lured the dhole, Chuck. Jaan went inside Sengupta's car and carried all his possessions with himself. Chuck was all comfortable in the passenger seat and Jaan made him wear the seat belt. Jaan drove off immediately taking Ahaan's eyes along with himself. He started singing 'It's so easy when you're evil' in a robust and clear voice. Chuck looked outside appreciating the outside world. Jaan knew what triggered his endorphins and he was resolute to continue the same. The car crossed to the city in utmost proximity and Jaan wanted to settle there. It was a busy afternoon and Jaan looked around for desolate places. He drove slowly as onlookers specially pretty petite girls awed at Chuck. "You can earn me some great sex" Jaan chuckled at Chuck. Jaan drove around some more at the same pace until he saw a wig shop. He spotted a few people drenched in destitute. Jaan gestured a teenage boy among them to come to him. The teenager came towards Jaan and was greeted with the thing he probably craved a lot for- respect. "Will you cut my hair, Sir?" he asked the boy. The bemused boy could not see Jaan's face which was covered with Ahaan's muffler. Jaan did not want to spend unnecessary time there and showed him a thousand INR out of the stolen fifteen thousand cash. The boy agreed with a blank nod and got into the car. He sat at the backseat and Jaan spoke from beneath the muffler "Sit quietly and do not move". The muffled voice sort of obliged the teenager. Jaan parked the car in a space not vulnerable to disturbance from other vehicles. The teenager gave Jaan a buzz cut and left the car. While leaving, Jaan said in the same muffled voice "Thank you Sir". The teenager's eyes smirked showing wholehearted gratitude to the stranger who drove the car away. Jaan looked himself in the mirror before him and closed all the doors and windows. In the closed space, he thought about furthering his deeds. Jaan was strictly resolute on continuing his fantasy and promised not to include new people into this. He sat there spectating the authorities' moves. He considered the authorities more intelligent in the process. Jaan knew the police would be behind him the moment Sengupta gets discovered and he had a long uninterrupted way to go. Jaan drove around aimlessly in the rural side of the city and desolate places. He avoided any urban shack with closed circuit security to his best. Jaan used the same elegant trick to buy maps of the city and was successful. He drove the car to the vividly rich vegetation of Anshura which lies at the city's ending point. The car stopped and twilight sipped in. As Jaan reached Anshura, he got out of the car and Chuck followed. Anshura was an elevated location and required quite some dragging on the car's part. It could not be designated as a tourist location for there was only vegetation. Nor were present unique of the plants and neither mountains. It did not possess wildlife like Jatau either. So, there was the least probability of hunters being there. The place was far away from active population and it was not possible to spot someone due to the large vegetation. Jaan began pulverizing the car with his bag of horrors while Chuck fed on the dead remains of a street monkey Jaan hunted for Chuck. Time faded slowly for the heavy task but the result was positive. Once, parts of the car laid assembled before him, a perspiring Jaan Patnaik took Chuck along with him. He laughed diabolically at the unidentifiable piece of mechanical genius before him. Night arrived by then and Jaan decided to sleep out there for the night. He was aware of the situation he was in. There was nobody to look out for. All of his family and friends were the allies of law now. He was a full-fledged outcast for the society now. He however believed nobody had affliction for anyone and his family was a bunch of people ecstatic with money and relations. In case of friendship, his soul never befriended any other soul either. The killing of Sengupta was the best thing in his life and sense of victory and responsibility appeared in his life after years. A satisfied Jaan quietly munched on the hefty street Biryani he purchased on his way to Anshura. Jaan cuddled Chuck with all his love and happy tears after the dinner. He slept like a baby but with evil intentions preserved for the future.

23rd December, 1 p.m. (present day)

"Hello! Sir, there is a massacre in the Detention Home of the city. Five people are critically injured and one of them is dead. There is a similar pattern of slashing. I am red flagging this immature son of a bitch" an agitated Chetry informed Gabriel.

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