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Dinakar Reddy


Fear of Growing up

Fear of Growing up

2 mins


Why are you so stubborn in this matter?

See your face in the mirror.

You are going to celebrate your 36th birthday next week.

Mom is bickering a lot.

I am working as a content writer and earning handsome money. Mom's concern is to get me married to a handsome man.

Beta, what is your problem? Every time you are skipping this topic.

Dad, I have some fears. I said by exhaling heavily.

Dad came and sat near to me.

He blinked eyes as a signal to continue.

Mom standing near the kitchen and observing both of us.

It is a fear of growing up. It's a phobia. Gerascophobia. I felt ashamed to share this with you people. Tears rolling down from my eyes.

Dad took my hand and held in his palms.

Beta, We all die one day. Reasons are different.

Or the reasons appear as different.

Nothing is permanent in this world. Have you observed that Rose plant?

He took me to the garden. There is a Rose plant which has a blossomed flower.

I am carefully processing what Dad wants to say. Do you think rose plant fears to blossom a flower?

I said no.

We pluck the blossomed rose flower every day. Right? He is staring at the rose flower.

Yes. I said.

Do you think rose flower stops blossoming by knowing we will pluck it anyway?

You have the answer to all your questions.

We can get medical help if you want.

He went inside and mom is asking what happened?

Me and rose flower exchanged glances.

I felt it is saying me to grow without fear 

At least, there is life in growing.

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