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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Carlin Helena

Abstract Tragedy Crime


Carlin Helena

Abstract Tragedy Crime



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          May 9, 1954: A 18 year old girl was running in the dark streets of Red square. It was past mid night and no one was seen around that area. A man wearing a long rob was chasing her. She was screaming her lung out. The street light started blinking. And there was a flash out for nearly 2 mins. When the light was back there laid that pity girl, bleeding her blood and water.

         May 18, 1954: A 28 year old women was found along the shore of the black sand beach. She was stabbed several times. Her nails were pulled out and appeared as if she was died in a war. Noting was theft and she was still wearing that priceless watch. People claim that she was walking with a woman that night.

          May 27, 1954: A 38 year old women was found hanging on the highest spot of the tree on a bright morning. She had scars of cigars all over her body and she appeared as if she was tortured for days. She didn’t have any costly possessions and it was found theft. She was found to be the wife of the richest man of that town and had a 14 year old son.

                                         Jan 30, 1956

            The sky is so clear and orange. Albert was standing on the shore of Mandala beach feeling the cold evening breeze. It was the last day of his vacation. He used to hike in his hometown on a regular basis shortly after his grandpa’s death. He used to do it because hiking with his grandson was his grandpa’s death wish.

             Albert was the only son of the town’s mayor. His family background had made him become a higher ranked police officer. He was the pride of his father and was a good son to his mom. He gets a handful salary and was notable for his excellency.

             The next day after the vacation had always been a busy day because a lot of cases were bundled on each of their table. And Albert’s table was not an exception. It would be as doubled as he was in a higher position.

             He was busy organizing and solving the cases. He had almost done with his cases. He had worked day and night for weeks and now there were just countable files on his table. But there laid three large files untouched at the bottom rack of his locker.

             He had some hard time recognizing it and finally remembered that he asked for them long back when he got transferred to this station. They were the unsolved cases of that station. Albert strives for perfection and he was not really satisfied in any cases left behind.

            Even if the cases are hopeless he wishes to see it by himself. He really wanted to go through the cases but still there were some files on his table counting on him for days. Days passed and finally every small case was closed.

          He was stretching his legs on a fine morning and a sudden thought stroke his mind. He quickly reached for that three big files. To those cases which were left unsolved. He decided to solve them one by one.

          The first one was about a 18 year old girl who was killed on a dark night. He again went through the evidences they got collected. She has been returning from her private institution when she began to run within 5 minutes after leaving the center. CCTV footage shows that a man who at 6 ft tall was chasing her that night when she was killed.

            He somehow managed to trace the face of the man and started his investigation. His investigation led him to a man who is almost 40 year old who lives by that neighborhood. He was questioned and was found that the girl mistook him as a stalker while he was just running to her to return her purse which she had dropped. The purse was recovered from the nearby police station and that man was proved innocence.

           The first case had no obvious evidence and he moved to the next case. It was about a 28 year old women who has been stabbed at the beach shore. The woman whom she was walking with was questioned and known to be her friend who had left her just before 5 mins. Further investigations were made and the woman was proved innocence.

            Albert was bit disappointed because he felt misery whenever he left a case unsolved. He quickly moved on to the third case. 38 year old woman was hanged with cigar marks all over her body. Her background was traced and her husband was questioned where they had found that she had been disappeared weeks back and was found dead. The family members had already filed a case and she was found nowhere.

            He went through the cases again and again. He once again went through the pictures and evidences they got from the murder spot. All three ladies had a small red string tied on their thumb. It really seemed fishy to Albert. He began to connect the three cases and look into it as one case instead of look it as three separate cases.

           All the three deaths occurred on the same month. The ages of the ladies ends in number 8 and the deaths were spotted at an interval of 8 days. The spots were the bodies were found is 8 km apart from each. He had never seen such cases before.

             He searched for men who was fast enough to run, strong enough to pull a body to heights, rich enough to visit clubs often, strange enough to act dull and quite. He questioned every man he took in as a doubt. Still he had found no clue. Days passed, he lost his sleep and had lot of thoughts running in his mind. Suddenly he remembered a movie he watched during his vacation. It was a murder movie where the murderer was someone they had forgotten before.

              Then by crushing his brain he began to find those clues one by one. All three bodies had a weird roasted scent and bits of woods were collected from the spots. There were couple of letters craved on the bodies in a miniature size and that information was found only in the forensic reports and was completely ignores. He collected the letters and unscrambled it. He found the name of the murderer. The weird scent led him to a furniture factory.

             With hopes up he went to that spot to find Brent who was already a serial killer. He was caught and escaped from jail years back and no information was found about him. Everybody thought he was dead and his case was closed. Residents says that they never knew he was a serial killer was more normal than any other normal person. He was transferred here almost 10 years back and none doubted him.

             Thanks to Albert’s brain the hidden clue was traced and the case was closed. Its been 2 years the death occurred, the three cases has been connected, the mystery behind the number 8 is solved, lost culprit was arrested and the innocence’s death is compensated.

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