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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Carlin Helena

Drama Classics Inspirational


Carlin Helena

Drama Classics Inspirational



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            Every day is a special day. Every morning breeze is special to the insects. Every guarded cloud is special for the birds to fly through. Every sunny gaze is special for the grasses. Every falling leaves are special for the song of nature. Every little creature is special for this bio existence. Every single path is special for human. Every little heart is special for making decision.

          It was a very special sunny day. Not a super sunny day though. The little birds were flying around and chasing each other. There was a thin melody floating in the air. The tiny yellow flower along the grass is dancing in the melody. And its leaves are wavering in the side of the winds. Its buds are……‘KREEK’ a large leg stamped that tiny little flower. What? Wait, who is that? A bunch of boys were running around with weapons. They had sharp knives, edgy stones, thick round logs and some pocket guns.

          Is there any country war? It doesn’t seem like that. There were no opponents. Then who are they? They were rushing towards the house on the far corner of the street. Bashing and breaking the doors and windows. Screaming the soul out. Blood splashes around everywhere. Alas! The little school-er was seriously injured. The gang left the house after their vigorous hunt. It is striker and his friends. Striker is his nickname though. Everyone has their own nickname in their gang, under the theory of ‘not to be caught’.

           Striker had just entered his high school and had already joined a gang. They used to bully juniors, roam around streets bashing the innocents. They were just rookies but had their name spread all around the city. ‘THE MOP’ was their gang’s name. No one dared to stand before them. None dared to fight against them. What they said was done. What they had thought was made done.

             Striker had his life easy and fun. He had no thoughts of returning to his old self. His parents were worried sick of him. Not only his, even other parents were worried. They tried things to stop him but none worked. He imagined himself as the master of the city.

           His robbery skills were also upgraded. He was so famous among his school mates. Even the elders and higher authorities are afraid to stand before him. He had no fear. Days passed and things got a lot worsen. Now he is in university already. He had changed a lot, but not in a good way. Now, he never stays in home. He and his gang members stay in an old garage. They call it as self rising.

           He used to contact his parents once in a while especially his mom who showered lot of love. He had never told them where he lived or what he does. It was the same case for other members too.

          One fine day the members decided to have a fight with the opposing gang. Striker was the main member and nothing was done without his will. They had fixed the date and were preparing to fight as if they were preparing for a war.

          The ‘THE DAY’ arrived. It was a calm evening. The sky was already orange as the sun was setting too fast. The mop had to travel for about an hour to reach the destiny. On the way striker got a call from his father that his mother was caught in an accident and he needed his help. Even though he never stayed home striker’s love for his mother never changed.

           He was made stiff. There were choices before him but felt hard to decide. He definitely had to go to the fight but at the same time his mother need his help. He had almost reached the fighting spot. Thoughts were rushing his mind. He had never gone through a though phase like this before. Even the fights he had succeeded all these years seemed easy than this situation…….

          Years passed. Tom who is well known as Striker is now an employee. He now has a pretty wife and two children! What happened? That day….. He had decided to return and help his mom. He chose that way because he knew he can fight any time but can’t lose his mother a single time.

           Other members were giving a hard time to him. But Striker is a person who never turns back when the decision is done. The other members fought with the opposing gang all by themselves. Unfortunately they got caught by the police officers and were sentenced for 3 years in jail. Striker can’t live alone at the due time and returned home. He had a great time with their parents and began to return his old self.

          He had cut all his friendship and turned into a new leaf. Striker had chosen his way now it’s your turn. Every way you chose makes a turning point to your story. Choose your way!

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