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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Carlin Helena

Abstract Classics Fantasy


Carlin Helena

Abstract Classics Fantasy

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

5 mins 119 5 mins 119

Every earthling is curious about the mystery behind Bermuda. It is the only place on earth where man has not dared to explore and reside. While the people were traveling forward, Bermuda is known to travel backward. There were cases of missing ships and planes along with their captains, still unable to close.

It was the day when Bermuda was first found. The day, when the earth found a place with the darkest phase among the brightest sky. It was the day when people started believing in the good and the evil, the dead and the ghosts, the superficial and the aliens. It was not like any other day. It was an illusion of an angelic feel.

It was early 1950. “ FSTDH600923. Engine no.1 failure. Can you hear me? I’m repeating. Engine no.1 failure” and those were the last words of captain Gimberk. The voice of that big old man was never heard ever since. The space jet was found years after by the shores of Atlanta. It was crushed so badly but Gimberk was not found. No one knows what had happened except Gimberk.

Alan was now a high schooler. He was just an average student and loves adventure. He was never attentive in school and was always staring through the window imagining him going on an adventure in a mysterious land. It was summer vacation. Alan and his friend decided to visit his uncle’s place which is located on the shores of Florida.

Florida was a perfect fantasy world. Alan was so excited to go on an adventure. There are lots of tunnels and crooked streets to explore. The beach is so peaceful that even the far depth of the floor is seen clearly.

The vacation was for one whole month. Days have already passed and it was almost halfway for the vacation to get over. Alan had a great time traveling through tunnels and subways coming to the same place. He had almost memorized the whole Florida map.

Alan’s uncle had got his job done and took some days off to take Alan and his friends a trip in his boat. It was a calm evening and Alan got ready with a lot of stuff to go on an adventure. His friends were excited too. They decided to go around the Bermuda triangle and have camped on the nearby island.

The sea breeze was cool and they also got a lucky chance to see dolphins. But as said calm before storm, they too had to go through that situation. The island was just a few miles ahead of them and they can reach there in few minutes, but unfortunately the plan got messed up.

The storm hit hard on their boat. Uncle tried hard to pull the ropes of sail but the wind was quite strong. It pushed the boat to its accordance and left it in the middle of a thick cloud. For a few seconds, the atmosphere was quiet but they couldn’t look at each other. At some point, the boat began to drown.

Everyone in the boat was scared even though they couldn’t see each other they can feel the water touching their calf and knees. They were running here and there. Uncle was scratching all over the boat to find which part has holed but could find none. Alan got bumped onto a wooden pillar and that was the last thing he could remember.

It was so blue with people walking here and there. The place was so busy preparing the feast. The bed he was laying on was made of precious stones. The scent of the room was so rich and luxurious. He felt like he was dreaming.

That is what he saw when he opened his eyes. He thought that he had died and was already in paradise. He slowly came out of the room and looked around him. It was a palace filled with fine workings and art. He was exploring the whole place and totally forgot about his friends and his uncle.

The smell of his favorite pie got stuck to his nose and was hypnotized in that direction. In the dining room, he saw a large table which had he only seen in movies. His uncle and his friends were sitting around the table. An old man was sitting at the far end and he thought of him as the god of this paradise.

He came closer that old man noticed him, greeted him warmly, and instructed him to sit by his side. For a moment the scene was awkward. Uncle slowly introduced that old man as his great-great-grandfather ‘Gimberk’. Alan had heard stories of him missing while he had a test ride on his space jet.

They were under the water and they could feel the water all around them but still, they can breathe. It was the first time for Alan to see his great-great-grandfather in real. He guided him around the whole place and said that he was the first person to discover this precious place.

People began to arrive one by one once they come into this Bermuda triangle. But none had the intention to return back since they were mesmerized by the beauty of this place. They don’t want population so it remained a secret.

They had a great time and they didn’t realize how fast the time had run. It was almost the end of the year and they had to return home. The people in that palace threw them a farewell party and greeted them warmly because they were the first set of people to return back from that place. Preparations were done and they were sent back peacefully.

Alan and his friends had a great vacation. They had promised to keep this a secret. But words had spread like a forest fire. So the people underwater had no other way but to hide. Since then none saw them and just the stories were speaking until now……

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