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Carlin Helena

Tragedy Inspirational


Carlin Helena

Tragedy Inspirational

Clouds of grace

Clouds of grace

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       Everybody see the world in their point of view. Humans have different prospects about their life. They feel it. They share it. They can even change it according to their desire.

       It is really tough to experience the world from 6 ft high above the ground. But what about those, who are below our hips. It is not about those who are kids. It is not about those who are dwarfs. It is not about those who crawl without limbs. But it is about those, who are half of our size and survive with not just two but four limbs.

       You would have guessed them by now. Yes! They are the wonderful little creatures God had made to decorate this small piece of cake called Earth. They are called dogs. They are the true friends of human. They can be trusted at times when human betray us.

        People think living as a dog is far better than living as a human. It is easy to be said than done. Human were always curious about their lives; how they speak, how they feel and all those stuffs.

        Domy was just thrown out from his mother’s womb. He is still small and weak. Until then he was dreaming of living a happy live. He smiled with his eyes closed. The whole family was waiting for Domy to open his eyes.

         He was the first puppy the family was welcoming. They were so excited and were already planning for his better growth. Domy and his mother vacated their place from living area to the attic so that Domy can have a bigger space to play.

         It was a rainy day. There was a heavy downpour. There was a cold breeze blowing through the city. But the attic was made warm for Domy. On one fine holiday afternoon everyone were having their lunch talking about their day and their plans. Then they heard a loud barking sound. Domy’s mother was calling the family to check what is going in the attic. She was calling them to show what she had seen.

           It was Domy! Eyes wide open Domy. The people were so happy and the children began to play with Domy. Even Domy was so excited thinking all his dreams might come true. The small attic, big for Domy though, became everything to him. He thought of it as a whole world.

          Their holidays extended. Rain never stopped. They were informed that there will be a storm. Day one passed. Day two passed. The family were worried sick of their situation. The primary needs began to degrade and vanish one by one. They know they were going to suffer a poverty soon.

           But Domy knows none. He was happy as he was. He had kids to play with him. He had food with no shortcomings. A comfy bed to lay and stretch. He played the role of rich dog.He was showered with a hefty cloud of grace. The storm was crossing the shore this night and everyone hoped for good and had a sound sleep.

           The next morning when Domy woke up he saw something he never seen before. He was fully covered and was kept in a highest place in the house. He came out of the blanket, slipped and crashed down to a broken wood. The house was fully damaged. He ran around searching people but found none. He ran to streets wondering what had happened.

           On his way he saw Mac, his walking friend, who lived on the same street. He enquired him whether he saw anyone from his house. Mac said that the family was washed away by the flood and the waters even took his mom who came to help them.

          Days passed everything went back to normal. But Domy felt lonely. He missed his family so much. Further days passed now he was taken to a shelter where many other dogs like Domy were raised.

         Once a young lady visited the shelter and adopted Domy. He thought that the heavens had heard his prayer and was so happy that he finally found a family for him though he missed his own family. He was showered with clouds of grace. That young woman was working and she was not able to take care of him further. Domy was left back in the shelter.

         Domy was so stressed. After few days a couple arrived and was impressed by Domy. They adopted him and took care of him so well. Almost a year passed and Domy had a cheerful days. He was finally started enjoying his life. He was once again showered with clouds of grace. It was mid of November and now the couples bought a cute baby to their home. The baby was taken off with a good care and Domy was left behind.

        One calm night he ran away from home. He decided to search his own cloud of grace. He was walking for days but never found one. People passing by would sometimes provide him food and water. Sometimes he used to get food from nearby houses along the streets.

         He saw his cloud time to time but it never stayed at one place. Domy continued his journey in search of his cloud..... There are thousands and lakhs of stray dogs who were once the kings and queens of their house. They had undergone situations to suffer this way. There is no better place for them without their clouds of grace.

         Be their cloud and share happiness :) Cloud of grace continues.....

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