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Carlin Helena

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Carlin Helena

Drama Tragedy Inspirational



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         Bell was celebrating her birthday today. She had already planned for her birthday party. She was damn rich and was expecting a lot from her parents and siblings. She had decorated the whole house all by herself. She had also took a day off from her university to celebrate her birthday. It seems a bit unusual, but this is a normal case to those who sleep upon money. Friends arrived and she had a lot of fun together. The day ended perfectly well and Bell laid on her bed, ready to wrap up her wonderful birthday.


         Last day of the shoot went well. It was Marinda on Bell’s role. Almost fifteen years in this industry, she had shed a lot a blood, sweat and tears to reach this spot. Marinda was well known for her acting skills and was a demanded actress. She had a strong gaze and her fame was wide spreaded.

          She had some valuable time in the set and with the co-actors but she was just acting according to her mask. A $48,5000 million worth car stood just in front of a $78,9200 million worth apartment. There stood Marinda right in front of the car. Of course, both the car and the apartment were the two little babies she gave birth through her acting.               

            The living area was as big as the shooting auditorium. But what’s that all for. It was just there cold and lonely. Marinda had the most beautiful smile on the outside but behind her mask she was just a poor little orphan walking along the streets looking for food.

            Yes! She was an orphan and she had gone through a lot of hardships to become a successful actress. All for what? Just to be like a nestling left behind in the nest. There were thousands of people envying her but none knows about her loneliness.

             She was so perfect that no one can point out on her. She acts well, whatever the role is. She smiles like she had no pain but inside she is a prisoner who is trapped by sadness. Still there were people standing far away from her gossiping rumors and fake stories. That is how this industry is.

             Bell was an orphan who was adopted by a poor couple. She had no idea that she was a foundling. But the truth can’t be hidden forever. She had hard time accepting the reality. She was so thankful that her parents provided everything she needed besides being poor and orphan. She worked day and night and had finally stepped into a successful life. She is the happiest person now, supporting her parents and her siblings…… that’s how the story ends.

             Marinda could relate her well to the story. Every bit of the story matches her life except that one. Happiness. She had tried ways to have a happy life but none worked out. She can do anything she wants to but failed to live happy. She was Bell herself but happiness was cut cropped.

             The film was aired and the people had their own opinion. Some admired while some starred. Some praised while some cursed. Marinda was the hot topic and that can’t be denied. Even some strange rumors had begun to spread. It’s about her past.

            Her smile is not enough to kill her sadness. She began to develop inferiority. She had spent her whole life and exceeded in acting but still lacked the ability to overcome her inferiority.

            Every little dramas and films she acted drilled her heart through. She never wanted to show her weak side to the public and so her past had always been an untold mystery. This time, the rumors where strong and some even claimed that they were raised along with her in the orphanage.

             Worries got dumped inside her. She isolated herself in her classy cold apartment. Her past, the rumors and her hardships were pushing her to the corner. She tried distracting herself but in vain. She began taking sleeping pills for a better sleep. She locked herself and none were allowed inside her house. The co-artists and her manager convinced her that the rumors will get silenced in no time. But this issue was still roaming.

             She broke her connection with the outer world. Some of her fans were trying to save her from the rumors but Marinda was so scared that her truth was to be revealed. She was afraid that she might have been accused for deceiving people all these years.

             Unfortunately she became the prey of her fear. She decided to kill herself because she could not find a way out of her past. The reporters had already begun their investigation. It was spring evening. It was just two months after the film ‘My Beautiful Days’ was released. Bell found her way out but Marinda failed. The last leaf of the tree had dropped down and Marinda was dropped down too from her classy luxurious apartment. She was dead…..her chapter was cut from the world.

             Her past was revealed by the reporters but what she was scared of had never happened. People only pitied her sad life rather than accusing her. People who cursed her began to realize the truth. Bell laid on her bed ready to wrap up her wonderful birthday and there laid Marinda on her coffin ready to wrap up her wonderful life.

              Not all the successful people have a successful past. It is us who must learn to make the best out of the waste. Everyone deserves to be happy so grab it whatever it takes. Live like there is no tomorrow.

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