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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Carlin Helena

Abstract Fantasy Children


Carlin Helena

Abstract Fantasy Children



4 mins 76 4 mins 76

         Roma is a pretty little girl in Osara village. She is the only daughter of Peter who works as a farmer in the same village. Her mother runs a small bakery and their earnings didn’t fix their needs. Their house is located just above the bakery.

         Roma used to help her mother in her bakery. She used to deliver the cakes and buns to the customers. She was so poor so she had never gone to school or any family trips. She used to have her own picnic near the falls once in a while. She used to pack delicious foods and have a good time along with the birds and tiny animals.

         It was a beautiful day and Roma was in the bakery helping her mother. She was working on a new flavored cream. Meanwhile some students from nearby school came to the bakery to buy some buns as they were going to school trip. Roma was upset by looking at those students having happy times with their friends.

          She delivered the buns they asked and went for a walk into the woods. She had wrapped some buns for her too. She had also taken a stuffed bunny, her dearest friend with her.

          She placed a checked bright red blanket on the ground and laid upon it. She was glaring at the sky wishing for many things she wanted to have. Suddenly she saw a small twinkling creature flying across the sky. She got up and followed it. It was too fast. It led her to a place farther inside the woods.

          She was trying to keep it up with its speed but she tripped a branch and fell down. She had hurt her knee and began to cry. The little creature stopped and turned around. It came back to her and threw some shining magic powder on her knee. She was in pain and she didn’t notice the little creature near her. She was fully focused only on her wound.

            But once the powder touched her knee the wound disappeared and there were no traces of bleeding. Roma began to smile. They both began to smile bright and once their eyes met each other that little creature realized that she, the fairy was revealed to a human. She flew so fast to hide herself.

           Roma wanted to know more about that fairy and so she stated to run behind it again but lost her. She was out of her breath and she sat upon a large stone to relax herself. Suddenly the stone began to move. Roma was scared and jumped away from it.

           That stone has turned into a troll. Roma was shocked. She hid herself behind a tree and was popping her head out to see what is going to happen next. The troll slowly stretched its arms and legs and sat on the ground looking at Roma.

         He asked whether he could get anything to eat from her. Roma remembered the couple of buns she had thrown in her pocket. She took one of them and rolled it to the troll. He ate the bun and thanked her smiling.

          Roma slowly came towards him and poke his face to know whether he was really made of stone. The troll found it funny and laughed harder. Her realized her innocence and decided to give a tour of their place in return to her bun.

           They started walking, still farther into the woods. Suddenly they had stopped before a huge tree. The troll spelled some magic words and there appeared a door in the bark of the tree. Roma was surprised. She had never seen something like that before.

           The troll opened the door and they walked inside. Roma saw a magic wonderland on the other side of the door. There were fairies, trolls, mermaids and so many magical creatures.

          She was so excited and started exploring the whole place. But then she found that they were suffering without food. She had a great day and before the sun set she went to her home. That whole night she was thinking of what had happened that day.

          Next day she woke up early in the morning and packed some buns some cakes in a huge bag. She tied the bad to her bicycle and rode it into the woods. She stood before the huge tree and knocked the bark. The troll peeped outside and found Roma standing with a huge bag.

         He helped her carry the bag inside. She opened the bag and told them to take whatever they wanted. The magical creatures were so thankful and they together decided to give her some magical powder to make her dreams come true.

         Roma used those powders and bought some dresses and food. She started making lot of buns with the help of her mother and delivered it to those creatures from time to time. Roma had earned a lot of money and now she started to go to school.

         “The End” was pronounced. The pages were flipped and the book was closed. Mommy’s last work of the day has finished. And the baby had slept long before Roma making money with her buns…

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