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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Carlin Helena

Abstract Comedy Children


Carlin Helena

Abstract Comedy Children



5 mins 164 5 mins 164

    “ Wow the room is so spacious. Maybe I can place my flower vase here. And here…. It will be good to do some antique works. The house smells so fresh! ”, Kelly was previewing the house that she was going to move in. As she described, the house was well build with lots of room and with lot of space. It was just as a perfect palace for a single tenant.

      The things were placed here and there. The rooms were so messy because Kelly had not fully organized her things yet. She gets lazy quite often and so the work has been extended. It was already two weeks since she moved here.

      She was like a little princess in that big apartment. The aroma of the house and the aura of herself got along so well. Finally the things are been organized. Now she is feeling a bit ease. But its not the right time to relax. She had to go to work. She had already taken so many leave in the name of housewarming.

       Kelly work as a chef in a very famous restaurant. She always had work up to her neck since there were always tons of customers roaming around and around the restaurant. Now she had to do her over time to compensate her leave.

       She never came home at a regular base. She had to pull a night rounder and always had to impress the customers. Kelly really loves cooking and she always tries new recipes. She works hard at the restaurant and at home she experiments new dishes.

       Days passed and she led a happy life. Those were her usual routine. She had really great times cooking in home than in the restaurant. She used fresh fruits and vegetables, and her dishes were said to be the foods from heaven. One can feel the entire story with just one bite of Kelly’s food.

       But this never stayed permanent. Kelly had already compensated her leaves and now she sometimes relaxes by coming home early, making herself a fest and enjoying alone with a glass of wine and a heart-throbbing movie. She had almost spent her 6 years living alone and she got used to it now. But she never felt this way.

        As mentioned before Kelly was quite a bit lazy and she never done her dishes. She eats one day and the plate was laid on table for several other days. She never cares about it so much.

       But one morning as she rushed to kitchen to pick her lip balm she left the previous night, she found something strange. The piece of cake she left that night had disappeared. She knows for sure that she left it on her cute purple plate, planning to throw it to Brownie her friend, stray dog. She was so forgetful these days and so she didn’t take it as a serious issue.

        This incident didn’t happen once, twice or thrice but more than ten times. Kelley started feeling cold. She had also tried placing foods purposely to know whether it does vanish or not.

        She even tried sitting next to it all night to find out. She fall asleep quickly and the next morning, no food but only the plate. She had heard rumors throughout the city mentioning about ghosts. She had never encountered with one before.

        She learned spells to kick the ghost out. None worked. She began to die in fear day by day. She had almost packed half of her stuffs planning to shift her house again. She began hearing sounds. Really, really, weird sounds.

        She went along the street gossiping about the strange ghost in her place. She began to develop stress and depression. Her focus lacked so much in her work. She didn’t get enough sleep. She always used to have her eyes open all through the night.

        Stories from neighbors and her imagination collaborated to give her a good nightmare. Once she decided to fix CCTV cameras in her kitchen to show the landlord, the proof about what she was talking all these days. She decided to give him a rap on the knuckles for deceiving her and selling a haunted house.

        She got a professional electrician to affix the camera and made sure it works quite well. She didn’t get proper footage at first but as two to three days passed, she got evidence to food being pulled from the plate and was being dragged somewhere. She didn’t get to see properly who it was because, there was a cushion chair laying in between.

         She got chills but she still had to get a proper evidence. She removed the cushion chair from that area and hoped for better results this time. She surely knows this time she’s gonna get something that she really need. She couldn’t wait for the night to come. She was like a child waiting for Santa.

           It was morning. Kelly had risen far before the sun. She was so eager to see the footage. This time she even called the landlord to have a look at the evidence. He arrived and felt bad that he couldn’t come a bit later. She had already started throwing a fit on him.

          After finishing her lecture she came to him with the footage. They began to watch together. There was a pitch dark. And there came a weird sound. ‘Dddddrrrrkkkk’ . A really, really creepy hand emerged from nowhere. ‘Plukk’. And the food was gone. They were eagerly waiting for the climax. Waiting to see the face of the ghost…………’Kikikiki’ . It was just a mouse! A tiny little mouse was putting on a show all these days and Kelly was dumbfounded. She was so embarrassed. She even invited the landlord and told everyone around here.

            The mice really enjoyed Kelly’s food since it was a said to be the food from heaven. The missing were found and the culprit was caught….people enjoy their food and so does the mouse!

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