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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Abstract Tragedy Classics


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Abstract Tragedy Classics

A Silent Cry

A Silent Cry

4 mins 211 4 mins 211

It was a serene and calm morning. People had set off for their work. Saikat had held back in the specific spot to help Suravi carry off to the nursing home where she worked. 

     He had the largest stitching unit in the town. His fame as a proficient stitcher spread far and wide. He preferred this trade instead of working in a government or private sector. He had a sizeable income to maintain an undivided family. 

       Suravi included in the same Mahala , a Muslim majority unit. They were child hood friends.  They were bosom to eachother without any intention. Saikat went to the school where Suravi was admitted as the Madrasha was faraway from his home. They read together until they passed out graduation. It was innate that two bright scholars had weakness to one another, it didn't matter whether they were of seperate caste or clan.

        It was a unusual love to which they did not express. But one could not leave without the other. They neither wrote letters nor sentence messages. The reason for this was not that the society or the families would not allow it. Preferably everyone loved them , for they well- behaved all. They were friendly to the poor and the rich equally. Unlike other lovers they blab in the parks, cinemas and make a kitty. For them love is not esseñtially a physical bond. It is an divine blend of two hearts.

 In the absence of one the other suffers. 

       When they come face to face in shopping malls or market places Saikat invited her to the coffee table but the next moment he 

 Was un nerved though they are so familiar to eachother. Suravi understood his anxiousness and went behind him. 

      It was the golden moment for them to speak out their brain but they sat silently up to the coffee cups were cold. Then the second. At last the third became cold. Eventually, the boy who supplied coffee compelled them to vacate  the chairs.

    They spent sleep less nights searching for words which one would speak to the other. Nevertheless, on their five kms drive they failed to utter a word.

      A challengeable accident , changed everything in the wink of an eye.

   They were so late on that day. Suravi's father was ill at ease and wanted nurturing which Suravi carried out. Saikat waited for her more than half an hour. While he was about to kick start his bike Suravi was at sight. As she

 was too late for her work Saikat increased the speedo metres. The road was so rush on account of Diwali.It was only a half furlong away to the nursing home when struck hit the bike from behind. It jumped off to the air and fell to the trench.Immediatelly taken to the nursing home where Suravi worked. People thought they were dead but actually they were alive.Alot of of blood was drenched which needed to be filled up. Both Hindus and Muslims were present there. They were eager to donate blood. Here the nursing home represented a tiny India where bood groups were plentily available irrespective of çaste and creed.

   Inspite of tiredness efforts of the doctors they went to coma.

   Months passed. They were no less than corpse Lakhs of rupees spent without any out come

 Doctors gave up hopes of their recovery. But a miracle happened. Both Saikat and Suravi opened their eyes. Saikat tried to speak but failed.

      . The same thing happened to Suravi. 

      She wanted a sheet of paper to express her brain. It was presented to her. She wrote ," I want to see


   The doctor in charge of the ward refused it as Saikat was worse affected. He fainted in short intervals. Farther, he pervaded that there was possibilities of cut off his right leg. She gave out a loud cry and dized to unconscious mind.

    The specialists were referred. They studied that these were the cases of mental worries. He asserted,"It appears from the spinster's silent cry that she loves Saikat but fails to reveal it. It is the same in case with him. As soon as they become mentally well built they will return to normalcy."

      After some days the right leg of Saikat was pulled out and a wooden leg replaced. Nonetheless, their mental condition improved. The specialists took active part in rejoining them keeping relationship with the two families for a marriage negotiation. They were successful to some extent. In the meantime, an unfortunate thing happened. Due to depression Saikat lost his memories. He couldn't recapture his past. Suravi flattered half mad. At last they were taken from the nursing home. They are still wandering each other with a hope of reunion and shedding tears silently.

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