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Noorahmed attar

Classics Crime Inspirational


Noorahmed attar

Classics Crime Inspirational

The reality of Human beings!

The reality of Human beings!

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We have our emotions glorified,

We live in a world where everything is intensified,

Everything has too much focus,

We talk about heart and hurt,

We speak of blessings and curse, 

Someone's death leaves you terrified,

It will change the perspective of life,

Appreciate the things you have,

don't be a loser,

Always be the winner,

Don't hurt someone's feelings,

Go the extra mile to protects our beliefs, 

These are the elements we see in the movies

mourning a break up like it was the end of your existence,

diet is to impress that someone else,

Standing in the balcony and admire the rains,

While Inside you just want to yell,

It's uncool to read books,

It's crime to love the musicals,

Bullying is normal,

Men crying is unusual,

Walking alone is not safe,

Don't go out when it's too late,

Wearing a skirt is a crime,

Being opinionated is not a women's right

Abusing someone out of hate,

Social media is your pulse rate,

Trolling is a way of retaliation 

Discrimination is often a hot topic,

Black lives matter looks good on your feed,

Hashtags are a way of life,

Twitter is part of the tribe,

Truth isn't expressed,

kindness in this world is outrageous, 

To survive the cycle of this world,

Always behaved well,

Seeking approval of many,

Trying not to harm any,

Keeping calm when they screamed,

Spreading positivity when they needed,

Accepting all the negativity in stride,

Dealing with others jealousy with a smile, 

Now memes are my soulmates,

Video games are my pets,

Sobbing in the corner, 

Mouth full of burger, 

sip beer and I eat leftover, 

trying to sleep in the night is my spiritual nightmare! 

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