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Aanya Chand

Tragedy Classics Inspirational


Aanya Chand

Tragedy Classics Inspirational

The Christmas Carol Redone - 2

The Christmas Carol Redone - 2

7 mins

The story begins -

Christmas spirit was everywhere 

Warmth and Love Was in the air 

Scrooge unkind and cold 

Sat in his office croo

He was a tight-fisted aged miser 

When it came to love he needed to be wiser 

Outside his office a boy happily sang 

Scrooge rushed out and hit him with a bang

Coldest of all was Scrooge’s heart

Meanest of all, always over smart

Bob Crachit ,his clerk was having a hard day

Scrooge gave him nothing but dismay

8 shilling a week was all he was paid

The cold had made him grey in shade

Scrooge refused to dinner with family and friends

He didn’t like celebrating so he broke amends

The grumpy old man wished Christmas disappeared

He had a boring old schedule, he adhered 

He went back home and had his supper 

But something awaited him that would change him forever 

At the end of the street, he had a gloomy old house 

Nobody dared to enter, not even a mouse 

Something was different, something was new 

The bell over the fireplace swung as the wind blew 

Then came a sharp clanking sound 

A drag, a pull and an aura was around 

The fire lept up, Scrooge squalled in alarm 

He knew the ghost, Marley had brought his charm 

Scrooge felt all was a dream

But when Marley spoke Scrooge let out a scream 

He carried with him his books, his cash, all he had earned 

Scrooge wondered why he had returned 

He warned Scrooge rather than spoke 

After he was done he disappeared in smoke

He told Scrooge about his regret

A few things he could never forget

He had cared for money and only money

He had had a selfish journey

He told Scrooge about few visits

They were to be made in the night by spirits

Scrooge heard sad cries

Up and above in the dark skies

He couldn’t stand being stray

He fell asleep right away

  Scrooge woke when the clock chimed midnight 

He had the clock in concentrated sight 

Marley had warned that when the clock struck one 

Scrooge would see all the nasty he had done 

Lights flashed in his eyes, his curtains drew back 

Scrooge prayed the ghost would cut him slack 

He had a tender face and wore a white tunic 

Scrooge feared him and began to panic 

Scrooge, hesitantly asked who he was

Was he here to destroy or for a good cause?

He replied saying he was the ghost of Christmas past

As they travelled back in time, Scrooge was left aghast

They reached a small town, boys are ridding along

It was where Scrooge stayed alone all day long

Looking at his young self he began to cry

He had been forgotten by friends when he was just a little boy

Scrooge had felt very bad

He was angry and sad

Another Christmas came 

The schoolroom was the same 

Scrooge’s young sister came by 

He let out. Sigh 

She died to soon 

A young lad, it was her misfortune 

She left alone a young boy

Scrooge never gave him too much joy

That Christmas went by

Then was a party with delicious meaty pie

At the warehouse, scrooge stood first employed

A part in his life that he actually enjoyed

They went ahead one more time

Scrooge saw what he had lost, the love of his. Lifetime

Money seemed more important and so she left

Scrooge was mean! She was just a heft

Scrooge then was left alone

He became harder than a stone

Take me away scrooge cried out

He was back in his bed fast asleep, he had a lot to think about.


Scrooge awoke once more 

A blaze of light shown outside his door 

A voice lurked around him 

Scrooge was scared and grim 

He came outside and was astonished to see 

Decorations and food making him fall by his knee

A giant sat feasting away 

He was the ghost of Christmas present here to show the way 

Scrooge gave his hand and humbly went along 

He knew the ghost would teach him something he had done wrong

They wandered out on the streets,

There was last minute shopping and children eating treats

They reached a poor mans house

It was Bob Crachit, his family and his spouse

They who had so little wore shabby dresses

Less food and so many more distresses

Had decked up and put a Christmas light

The only thing affordable to brighten their night

Came tiny Tim and bob

Tiny’s leg had a metal rod, Bob couldn’t afford more with his current job

The food came in

Bob sat down with a grin

Apple sauce and goose on a tray

Mashed potatoes and so much more on display 


After dinner they all sat around the fire 

Eating chips fresh from the fryer 

Scrooge felt pity and asked the spirit 

If Tiny Tim will live, “ there are too many poor people why should you fear it?

Scrooge fell silent with his cheeks red with shame 

Yet he wondered if for tiny Tim another Christmas came?

Christmas went along as they stopped by a board ship

It was Scrooge’s nephew and his family eating the dinner he let slip

Fred played “ guess who “ he imitated someone all grumpy and irate

A man with great hair who was not so great

Everybody knew who Frank talked about all along

They all screamed scrooge, Scrooge felt so wrong

They all drank a toast to their uncle Scrooge

Scrooge would have answered but the spirits life wasn’t huge

The spirit grew smaller and smaller and his hair turned grey 

With two children sheltered in his robe the spirit went away 

Scrooge took a moment to digest but couldn’t do much 

In the time that he blinked, he felt a soft touch 

Another spirit appeared

He wore a cloak and a dark hood, so different and so weird 

He did not speak and pointed ahead 

Scrooge knew who he was and developed a sense of dread 

The ghost of Christmas future had finally paid him a visit 

They visited the market, the slum and nothing too exquisite

They reached a tiny house barely holding straight

A man came in and his mood was great

He had more time to pay for his debts

For who he owed was dead out of regrets

Next he took him to a dreadful slum

And to a shabby shop, where a lady greedily chuckled at the outcome

For she had some new goods to sell

The dead man wouldn’t need them anymore he had gone to sweet hell 

Then they went to the market 

Where an old man chinked at the coins in his pocket 

He wondered who the dead man left his money 

The man knew he had no friends to go to his funeral and found it funny 

For he knew if the late man would have been nice

Then someone would have looked after him and that was the only price

Scrooge pondered if anybody felt pity for the dead man

Or if any of them had been nice to him during his lifespan

Finally they went to Bob Crachits tiny little house

Where tiny Tim was missing, the family was sad, Scrooge felt like a louse

Scrooge begged the spirit to show him what he was going to be

Through the churchyard and into the grave Scrooge had a feeling he wouldn’t like what was next to see

There stood Scrooge turned into a rock 

With his name carved on and a face of shock 

He trembled and cried and begged for a change of fate 

There was no answer because Scrooge carried so much hate

The only thing he could too was change his path

Become a fun loving guy and let go his wrath

Scrooge decided he would try with all his might

To keep the sinister future stay out of sight

He promised to keep Christmas in his heart all year round

And that he would be the best person around

Finally the spirit changed into a bedpost 

Scrooge was back in his room without a single ghost!!

Morning came soon and so Scrooge ordered a turkey roast 

He went to his family and raised a toast .

Scrooge promised he would never be mean 

And the same old man would never ever again be seen 

They all enjoyed Scrooge’s heart for they all knew he had become smart !

All was finally good, there was not a sad person in sight

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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