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Aanya Chand

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Aanya Chand

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

Wonderful Place

Wonderful Place

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Some lost their passion, some lost their heart 

Some are close to their family and others far apart 

Nothing is partial yet nothing is stark 

Like someone inflated a black balloon of the dark 

Schools are closed, colleges on hold 

How we eat, how we walk, all is now controlled 

Our fast minds have slowed, our bodies are glued to our chairs 

Nothing to read or watch, just a mind full of scares 

Friends seem like a luxury, birthdays spent alone,

Like you've paused life between the climax 

and the characters are turning to stone 

My heart breaks over and over as each raindrop falls 

I'm not outside dancing but inside these four walls

And every single time, that I switch the radio on 

I realise the freedom, the music, all now is gone 

Deep down inside, my heart rages and cries,

I had no idea, how slow time actually flies 

five months seem small but the things I missed to do meant more 

All aspirations shadowed now, gloom came knocking to my door 

All I hear about is cruel, all I see is contained 

bursting my little bubble, this new life is unexplained 

With a smaller appetite for what's been brewing 

I don't know anymore, if it's right what we're doing 

Till we're free

Free of this saddening reality 

I will dream of this world to be a wonderful place 

Where we can show our smiles, and not need to hide our face 

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