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Aanya Chand



Aanya Chand


Freedom For Me

Freedom For Me

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Far behind this contained world of ours 

Beyond our devices, further than cars 

Going way back into the past 

Our rich history will leave you aghast 

It's not in our religions, it's not in our needs

It's this plant of life that started with just seeds 

Today you and I claim, we know all about those days 

But the struggle, the work, it all remains in a haze 

Looking back in time, it seems like a bygone 

Nothing we're amused about or even an inch of us drawn 

Patriotism is way too far from country pride 

Songs and dances - to this endless cycle we are tied 

Freedom is much deeper than the celebrations that follow this hour 

Freedom is being able to smell the wet mud and the scent of a flower 

Freedom is the fact that you and we are not leashed 

Freedom is the rights we were given when after a hard fight we were released 

Today, when we've earned the right to celebrate 

Freedom means more than this dawn day and date 

Happy Independence day to my fellow Indians !!

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