Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Lauren Coles



Lauren Coles




8 mins

Life may pull you down,

You might feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders,

People need to find calm ways to express themselves,

You can take a walk,

You can listen to music,

Don’t the world get the best of you?

Baby steps

It takes baby steps to learn something new,

You might be scared to step out of your comfort zone,

But life is about taking risks and exploring.

A Day in the life

I spend my days reading and writing,

I am always up for a challenge like feeding myself,

People have to help me get dressed,

Life is about embracing new challenges

Back to school

Summer is over,

Back to school,

The familiar sounds of school buss,

Kids bring home lots of homework,

I don’t miss those days one bit

Coming of age

Growing up can be hard,

People might pressure you,

You don’t know what path to follow,

You might fall in love for the very first time.


I can’t wait to get to heaven,

I will be able to walk,

God will take me in his loving arms,

All the possibilities to explore


You are muddy and stain with grass,

People score points with you,

You are brown

Guitar strings

It always brings me joy when you come,

We can make beautiful music together,

You get me my own little guitar to play with you,

You are an awesome teacher

Feed the birds

It’s feeding time,

Make yourself at home,

Peek peek,

A wonderful meal


Sometimes life may bring you down,

People come in and out of your life for a reason,

They can teach us important life lessons,

Life is an adventure,

Always look at the brighter side of life.

The big apple

Busy streets,

Horns honking,

Beautiful city skyline,

You can go see famous places.


When kids see that I’m in a wheelchair questions might begin to form in their minds,

Like why can’t she walk,

I use my disability as a teaching tool,

People with disabilities have the same abilities it just may take them longer to do something,

Patience is the key.

Forever home

Life doesn’t last forever,

You can’t take things with you,

Leaving a legacy behind is important,

God has a place awaiting you.

Over and over

You have been with me through the hardest time,

You never leave my side,

You taught me how to have faith,

You pick me up when I’m down.

Think outside of the box

One idea can change the world,

You can come up with a cure for cancer,

Education is key to success


Painting is my favorite form of expression,

Time to dip the brush into the paint,

Time to swirl the colors around,

Let your mind take over

Making something out of nothing

You might have hit rock bottom,

Little do you know hope is beyond the horizon,

You can write down your feelings,

You can listen to music,

You can paint,

Inspiration can strike at any time.

Expiration date

Do you feel like nobody cares about you,

You might feel like you just ate something bad,

You have nowhere to run to,

God has no expiration date,

He’ll love you no matter what,

All you have to do is just put your trust in Him.

Practice makes perfect

Life is too short,

Everyone has a gift,

Every day is a chance to discover that gift,

Every day you can practice that gift so you help others.

Touching hearts

What is wrong with the world today,

God may have given me a disability but he gave me a mission,

To touch the hearts of people one word at a time,

If I can do that I have done my job.

Shooting hoops

Dribble dribble,

You are heavy in my hands,

Lift off,

You bounce off the rim,

If you go,

Slam dunk

Right here right now

Time gets away from us,

We all have a busy life,

We need to slow down and enjoy the simple moments,

We need to love one another.

Little red wagon

Bump, bump, bump,

A little red wagon is coming down the street,

Kids are the passengers,

The wheels are a little rusty.

Shake rattle and roll

What a beautiful sound,

It’s your favorite toy,

It’s time to make music,

Shake rattle and roll.

Give more than you take

We all have something to give,

We don’t always know what that is,

We are teachers for people,

Give more than you take,

Because there’s always someone going through something worse than you,

We can learn from each other,

It doesn’t always have to be money that you can give,

You can give your time or talents,

Give more than you take,

We can use our words to inspire people.

Inspiration station

Inspiration is everywhere,

You just have to look for it,

You might be inspired by someone who is in a wheelchair writing a poem,

You are inspired by the strength that someone has who is battling cancer,

You can be an inspiration to someone yourself by the way that you live your life.

Challenger baseball

Growing up I remember playing baseball,

I know what you are thinking,

People in wheelchairs can’t play baseball,

Volunteers helped us hit the ball,

It was lots of fun,

If we go back to the good old days.

In sickness and health

Sometimes in life things come up that you can’t control,

Like money problems,

You might have cancer,

You might have found your partner when you were young but now things are falling apart,

You must love each other in the good times and the bad times,

Put aside your differences and look beyond the horizons,

If you focus on the bad you might miss out on something good,

Think about young kids and the invisible scars,

Talk about your problems,

Enjoy the happy monuments,

Live life to the fullest.

Watermelon summer

Time to enjoy a summer treat,

You are red and juicy,

People have to spit out the seeds that are in you.

A heart of a warrior

Having a disability can be hard to deal with,

You have to depend on other people,

You are in constant pain,

What matters is how you look at life,

It helps to have positive people by your side,

My disability hasn’t slowed me down.

Driver’s license

I’m petty lucky,

To drive my wheelchair I don’t have a driver’s license,

It takes practice.

The beauty of art

Art can come in many different types,

You can write what is on your heart,

You can paint a picture for the world to see,

You can play beautiful music,

All these things can heal the soul,

It’s up to you,

You are the artist.

The word factory

Words produce out of my day and night,

Stories are waiting to enter the world,

I just have to get the words down on the page.

Trial and error

Have you ever been scared to try something new,

You might be scared that people might make fun of you,

Life is about exploring,

You will never know if you are good at something if you try,

Your setbacks can help make you stronger,

You might discover yourself in the process.


You are all jumbled up,

People have to search long and hard for you,

People can choose from many different categories,

You are fun to do.

Under the sea

We saw some amazing creatures, We had to drive a long way to see you, The journey is worth it.

Do you feel alone and nobody cares about you,

You wish that someone would point you in the right direction,

Every day is a new day to discover yourself,

You can meet new people in unexpected places.

Coming together

What is the meaning of community,

We listen to each other’s problems,

We help each other in their time of need,

If we all come together this world would be a better place.

This land is your land

We all breathe the same air

We walk the same streets

We have the ability to speak our mind

We have the ability to make new friends

How lucky we are to live in America

A night in Paris

I always dreamed of traveling to Paris,

I would love to sit underneath the Eiffel Tower,

People would be speaking French,

I would have a romantic dinner,

I would go on a boat ride,

It would be a dream come true.

Bowling ball

I love the sound that you make as you race down the lanes,

There are different colors of you,

You are very heavy,

People can have fun playing with you.

Quiet place

Time to close the door,

Let your thoughts run free,

Put pen to paper,

Only you can find your quiet place.

Record player

What if you could go back in time,

Where there were no CDs,

Time to put on a record,

Time to place the needle in the middle,

Let the music begin to play.

Bait on the hook

It’s a beautiful day,

Time to go fishing,

Time to sit and wait,

It can take all day,

Fishing can put your mind at ease.

Bleeding heart

I’m sorry that it had to come to this,

My heart hurts,

This is the end of the road,

I’m looking for someone new,

I’m moving on.

Love language

You don’t seem to get where I’m coming from,

I don’t love you anymore,

What will it take to get you to understand,

This is the final curtain call.


Kids don’t understand why I’m in a wheelchair,

Kids are scared to come to me,

I want to be a teacher,

No question is off-limits.

Words in a cage

Let me out,

I’m been holding long enough,

The world deserves to hear what you have to say,

You shouldn’t be afraid to show how you feel.

No boundaries

I might be in a wheelchair,

But I want to live life to the fullest,

I want to use my love for words to inspire others,

My chair won’t define me,

God has a mission for me,

I want to be a light for the broken,

I can do the same things that you can do, it just takes me longer to do them.

Strengths and weaknesses

I have a mission,

Writing is my mission,

I didn’t get good at writing overnight,

It takes lots of practice,

It’s a learning experience,

You can’t learn anything without falling down the first time.


People use joysticks to play video games,

I use a joystick to drive my chair,

It’s like the steering wheel to my own car,

It sometimes has a mind of its own.

Reality tv

What a crazy world we live in,

We can’t turn on the television without seeing acts of violence,

What does that teach kids today,

We must teach our kids when they are still young how to love,

I wish that there were shows that would teach love and kindness

Summer heat

The sun is boiling hot,

It’s baking a summer treat,

The black concrete is burning my feet,

There are more summer days to come

Sticky notes of kindness

Have you ever wanted to spread kindness everywhere you go,

Just leave a sticky note with a kind word,

You can leave it on a park bench or on someone’s windshield,

It just might make their day.

Pair of dice

You are a nice person,

My heart is torn,

Part of me wants to make this work,

I don’t get to talk to you much,

Which way should I roll the dice?

Angels and demons

Do you ever want to turn off the news,

All you hear about is negative things,

People don’t meet people face to face,

We must lift the hearts of others,

With the people in our lives, the bad can melt away.

Balancing act

Do you feel like the world is crashing down around you,

Maybe you are working two jobs just to support your family,

Maybe you are a single parent,

You might need to find a creative outlet to turn to,

It’s okay to take a break.

On the outside looking in

You don’t my story,

You just see the wheelchair,

There is so much to me,

I’m an artist,

I have the heart to serve others,

I am a reader,

If people just took the time to look at people’s abilities.

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