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My Ultimate Letter

My Ultimate Letter

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A tear ran down her cheek

As she read the words he wrote

His dad sat at the table

With a lump in his throat

The letter was stained

With blood mixed sand

It was a letter

From their son in a far off land

The letter said, Mom the pain I cannot stand

From the shrapnel that ripped through this young man

I feel the pain so badly

It makes me scream and cry

I know I will not see you

I know that I will die

So I just wanted to say

Before God calls me home

Don't worry about me anymore

No, I am not alone

I know that there will be days

That you both sit and cry

I know there will be days

That you wonder why

The reason is Mom

This is what I signed up to do

So that our country can stay free and true

Well, I will go now

Things are starting to fade

No, I am not alone, Mom, nor am I afraid

But before God calls me home there is something

I must say

I thought of you all each and every day

The medic, he is trying to keep me alive and ease my pain

But I must go now

It is time, God, he says so

I love you all and miss you

My Love, I hope, you have a wonderful and fulfilling life,

Get married and children.

I will love you forever.

I could not offer you diamonds and mansions so fine,

I could not offer you the clothes that your young body craves,

But , if you say that you long to forever me mine,

Think over the heartaches, tears and sorrows that will be wasted.

When you will be lonely and tired of another man's gold,

When you are weary, remember this letter, my own,

Don't try to answer, though I suffer anguish untold,

If you love me, I wish you would leave me peacefully.

While I am writing this letter,I think of the past,

And of the promises that you are holding so firmly,

But, to this World, I will soon say farewell, at last

I will be gone when you read this ultimate letter from me.

This is my ultimate letter

The last one I have written.

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