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Queen Is Still The Queen

Queen Is Still The Queen

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My son said that he will leave me in an old age home soon.

Once he used to say that i am the lyrics of his song

And now he try to make me dance on his tune.

I am a burden for him now, he cant take care of me anymore!

I wonder that I kept him in my womb for 9 months

And now also in nourishing him, I never get bored.

But my little boy is grown up now, he said that he wants to live his life.

I was shocked when he asked what have I done for him

It was like killing me without a knife.

I left my job and gave up my aspirations, my dreams

To fulfill his wishes and give him this life

And even excepted that my happiness is his smile.

And its not just after his birth that I am doing this

It is the story that started since my teens

Many physical changes in my body I have seen.

But I never knew that you will turn this mean.

I am weak physically but mentally I am still the same

I will show you, my dear that the gun is still mine.

I have saved enough for me so no need of your care.

'Money matters a lot', you say, my child

From you, that's what I always hear

My life had not ended yet, there are many things still unseen.

I will wear my invisible crown to survive in this mean world

And show to the world that 'The queen is still the queen'.

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