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The Hoarding

The Hoarding

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Peaceful wind and chirping birds, sitting on the trees

Here I was in the park, enjoying the natural breeze

Then I saw this billboard, on the other side of the lane

Use this cream, be fair and there is nothing you can’t attain

I was forced to think is this really true?

Can your fair colour alone push you to the front of the queue?

Then why I had to struggle when I am fairer from the rest?

Why my light skin never helped me to be the best?

People say having my skin colour is a blessing

But this gift was useless on days which were depressing

My life is so normal: sometimes heavenly, sometimes tragic

Don’t know why my skin tone is believed to be a magic

Where was this magic when I was rejected by the bride hunting mob

Because I refused to quit my better-earning job

Not my colour but a loan got me my dream house

I am successful and fair but as per all, all I need is a spouse!

Only my skill helped me on the other side of the interview door

My dark-skinned colleague got the promotion she deserved more

Not fair skin helps but a heart of steel

Just for some money, these companies make it a big deal

The ladies with extra melanin have to pay its price

These creams force them to believe in some fictional paradise

They are forced to believe that their color is a curse

Broken confidence and low self-esteem, things just get worse

A white coating on the skin cannot decide your fate

This hoarding on the roadside is just spreading hate

Not bright skin but hard work is needed for life fun and bubbly

You can be fair, but life may or may not be lovely

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