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#UNSPOKEN – Is #MeToo Movement

#UNSPOKEN – Is #MeToo Movement

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We live in a world of social media trend

Just a click and your message reaches world’s other end

And there’s a lot of power in this write and send

We have a platform to be heard and to defend

Just recently we saw such a campaign

A #MeToo tag started a revolutionary chain

What a commoner, what a celebrity, everyone is coming out of the box

Horrifying revelations are sending huge wave of shocks

But there are many who claim this #MeToo is a game.

All we desire is to get an easy fame


Are we supposed to enjoy this public display?

Those lewd comments, how we were touched the wrong way?

Just read those statuses, some girls were just 4 or 5

Even after ages, those memories are still alive

For all her life, it was a secret with a seal

Only now she got the courage to make this big reveal

As you can’t handle it, you claim that now she is being violent

And there are many who ask, that day, why she was silent

Why she didn’t scream, shout or even react

If it was so severe to make such an impact

Well, what they don’t understand that

These abusers don’t wear a tag on their faces

They are so vicious, that they don’t leave any traces

And worse, sometimes they belong to the families, friends or workplaces

Such actions from people who are supposed to care or to bless

Don’t make you angry or brave, but you feel helpless

The brain goes numb, the body stone cold

The embarrassment forces you to wear a blindfold

As our society only cares about the honor and the pride

That’s the reason why the girl never cried

Years ago, in a temple, someone pinched my chest

For many minutes, the situation was hard to digest

I still remember those moments, so vivid, so clear

That paralysis, shame, guilt and fear

I remember each and every emotion that I felt

The visuals, those sounds and how that place smelt

Every #MeToo that you see carries a bag of pain

Something big or something small, we live it again and again

Please don’t get surprised how these tags have filled your Facebook wall

You are just oblivious to the fact,

That almost every lady around you, have been through this fall

Not just real life, the internet is also not secure

Messages, comments or replies; there is a lot to endure

The hi, the love you, from creepy to abuse

But then many get offended when we decide to make it a news

Why the status, you should just block and forget

By making such scenes, there is nothing you can get

They say, that we expose them just for the attention

Sweetheart, he is not the first one that we felt to mention

There are hundreds of others who are already blocked

It’s just, We are just totally fed up of being stalked

And ignoring such morons is the worst we can do

They get power from our cowardice and move to the next one in the queue

And what if the next one is not enough blunt or bold

She is always taught to do whatever is told

Because her family always made her live in the wraps

And the harasser is very clever in making such traps

She makes the mistake of falling for it

Makes a friend out of someone totally unfit

The moment she will realize his real intention

It may be already too late for any prevention

He will take a screenshot and

Will say that she is the one to blame

And even if she will try, no one will believe her claim

Because that’s how it works, right?

Males can be studs, but females are characterless

Correct or not, we are always on the wrong side of the guess

You can’t understand the level of this fright

This rant, it was all in my mind but it took me days to write

As I know, there are people who will call it a stunt

So I have to be loud for such innocent souls

I have to stand for myself and my sisters against these heartless trolls

So all people out there who wants us to stay mum

Who dictate that we are not supposed to beat the drum

I have a suggestion for you, the one you keep for us in store

Whenever you see such statuses, can you please just ignore

As these statues were never meant for you

We never asked for your approval, if it’s false or if it’s true

It’s for the ladies out there who have been through such zone

To let them know that they were never alone

You can’t help or understand, cool, please just scroll down

We already have enough, don’t need more negativity around

After centuries of oppression, finally we are standing against this curse

Now you just can’t drag us down, because everything bad we will get,

will be greeted back by the worse

We may look emotional, weak or soft like a feather

But don’t you dare underestimate us, because now #WeStandTogether

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