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Don’t Quit

Don’t Quit

2 mins 6.9K 2 mins 6.9K

Two tiny, pretty eyes; a blessing from God

A new journey started in a world so flawed

The struggle of catching up with the social trend

Now why the life is willing to end

What if, nothing is going right

There is no light in the wicked dark night

Just bring out, the internal shine

Tell yourself, you are going to be just fine

There is no valid reason ever to quit

There is always a door for every unfit

Even, if it looks like nothing is left for you

An untouched world is there, out of your view

Life is difficult, people hurt and make fun

It’s like, you have to smile in front of a loaded gun

And if, your heart is weak to take the strain

It’s easy to believe you can’t bear the pain

But believe in the strength of an emotional soul

Trust yourself and take the control

Even, if there is no one left around

You always have your internal sound

When you feel like, you have reached the worst

And your patience is just ready to burst

Remember, there is no more scope to fall

The only way is up, you just need to crawl

Ending your life will not end the curse

It will pass to your loved ones, they will face the worse

A moment of hopelessness, many lives with aches

A moment of courage can save many heartbreaks

If you feel like losing, you need to talk

Just go to anyone and break the lock

Keeping it inside will make you depressed

You have to let it out, to be unstressed

Disabilities, wars, illness; people are living on the slope

Still, are struggling for their lives, never lost hope

And all you have to do is fight your brain

Just try to be happy and let go of the pain

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