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True Love

True Love

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True love is not when different individuals,

With same likes as well as dislikes come together,

Instead, true love is when people with different likes,

As well as dislikes as well as point of view,

Come together and become good friends.

True love is when you accept someone with all their flaws,

True love is when you love someone for being real,

And not try to change just because we want to.

True love is enjoying the madness and the child within;

Rather than forcing to be mature.

True love is respecting each other's feelings,

True love is completely transparent,

True love is not just being boyfriend and girlfriend,

In fact, loving someone like your brother and sister,

Can also be true love undoubtedly.

True Love Is Respecting Each Other's Privacy As Well As Time

True Love Doesn't Get Faded Away With Time

In fact, It Gets Refurbished And Gains A New Bright Shine

Like Never Before

Best examples of true love can be,

Not just being BF And GF;

In fact, it can be between anyone like siblings,

Who are actually like your siblings to you,

With whom we actually share a similar relationship,

With our siblings and love them in a similar manner.

And True Love is like magnets,

Where opposites always attract and similar always repel.

True love is when you're completely committed to,

Someone even when they're completely unlovable,

True love is when you fall in love with someone's flaws;

Because the completely perfect person would be

Just impossible to love.

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