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Boyfriend As A Motherly Figure

Boyfriend As A Motherly Figure

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You're An Perfect Example Of How An Mother Should Be With Her Child

Who is completely lost in own world and don't know where to go in life

..Like You Get Angry On Me Whenever And Wherever It's Needed,

You Also Pamper Me Whenever It's Needed

You're Like That One Lamp Of Light In The Darkness In The Entire .... Absolutely Big Room

Which Fades The Entire Darkness And Glows The Entire Room With Its Glowing Light

The Child Always Tries To Seek Solace In His Mother's Arms When He/She Feel Depressed/Hopeless But For Me, It's Completely Opposite Because The Solace Is The Most Beautiful Thing Ever Which You Actually Posses Within Yourself. Actually, It's Like An Inbuilt Quality /Feature In You.

You Made Me Feel Comfortable In My Own Skin

You Taught Me To Love My Inner-Self Rather Than Loving Those People Who Are Just Like A Waste Of Time And Energy Kind. You Loved Me For Who I Am And Not For What I Am

You Embraced All My Worries As Well As Pain From My Heart Into Your Embrace And Always Guided Me As A Motherly Figure

And I Always Feel Protected As Well As Safe From All The Evils Of The World In Your Solace

Your Love Healed All The Wounds Over My Mind As Well As Soul...😀😇💗

You're The True Hero Of/In My Life and The Rest All I Had Were Like Completely Negative Characters And Full Of Lust, But You're Different, Unique, Adorable As Well As Astonishing And Mindblowing

💗I Love You Because You're So Beautiful From Heart And Not Just By Looks💗

😇Blessed/Proud To Have You In My Life😇

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